The software engineering quality assurance lead is responsible for leading, managing and developing the people, processes and systems related to quality at Alianza. This position requires strong strategic thinking, the capacity to develop and guide the direction of the quality team, while aligning goals with company objectives. The quality lead must excel at creating a world class culture of high-quality software, automation and results. The successful candidate will have had experience developing world class quality programs, teams and culture.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for Quality at Alianza
    • Quality is much more than just testing – you will have ownership and be accountable for creating a successful culture of quality and automation at Alianza
    • Lead, coach and support the QA engineers at Alianza and foster a high-performance, results oriented culture
    • Hold the team accountable to high-standards and create a world-class testing automation program
    • Work with engineering management to effectively manage staffing and team structure; ensure teams have sufficient resources and skills to be successful
    • Develop short- and long-term strategic improvement goals and oversee their successful implementation
    • Build a culture of high-morale and tight alignment between quality and the rest of the organization; QA engineers should feel they have context, clarity, and are bought into the Alianza company vision, mission, values and strategy
  • Responsible for Growing & Developing QA Engineers
    • Help Alianza recruit and mentor top-level QA engineers and provide coaching and development opportunities for team members to advance their careers
    • Be aware of each engineer and work with him or her to achieve their career goals, and enable them to perform at a high-level and reach their full potential
    • Work with the QA engineers manger to manage performance and role issues
  • Responsibility for Overall Delivery Quality
    • Work closely with Engineering to support the on-time delivery and execution of software development projects, ensuring teams release frequently and with high quality
    • Work with the team to address roadblocks, bottlenecks, and weak areas and ensure there are no impediments to the team’s success
    • Ensure High-quality releases with no rollbacks because of quality issues
  • Responsible for the Quality Assurance Processes, Systems, Tools and Metrics
    • Guide, direct and implement the right processes, systems and tools for quality at Alianza – aligning with engineering best practices as documented by the engineering organization
    • Ensure teams follow true agile processes and are adhering to best practices (living the manifesto)
    • Work with the QA engineers to successfully implement clear processes, and the right systems and tools, to complete work quickly and effectively
    • Provide clear information on how stakeholders can and should effectively interact with your team (if different than general engineering processes)
    • Coordinate closely with other organizations, especially product, to ensure all processes are effective and efficient across the organization
    • Develop and implement the right metrics to deeply understand team performance, challenges and weak areas; work with the teams to improve and help the perform at peak efficiency and effectiveness

Track performance of quality – report out frequently and utilize reporting tools and dashboards to make information visible to the team and the company; information should be easily consumable and drive the right outcomes

What you bring to the team:

  • A strong, passionate, optimistic leader with a "will do" attitude that is contagious
  • Strong leadership competencies with ability to influence key stakeholders in matrix organization
  • Experience and expertise creating, documenting, training and enforcing business processes – especially quality and automation specific processes
  • Must have ready solutions available to common quality automation challenges (best way to communicate quality status, best process for tracking quality, etc..)
  • Solid understanding of the technical architecture of complex enterprise applications; be able to understand technical concepts and requirements
  • Expertise working in an agile (Scrum & Kanban) development environment and experience and ability to present related metrics in an easy to understand and consumable manner to the rest of the organization
  • Ability to resolve conflicts effectively and remove drama from the team and organization
  • Excellent customer-facing and internal written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be able to balance many competing priorities, understand the business impact of each and make the correct prioritization requirements – and then defend your decision
  • Must have a strong sense of ownership – owning all things within the engineering team and executing them in a consistent and professional manner without direct supervision or micro-management


Pleasant Grove, Utah