Managed Specialty Lines

A fully managed, cloud-based POTS replacement solution for service providers to offer business customers a single-solution for elevator phones, alarm and security gate lines, point of sale machines, and more.
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POTS Replacement

What are Managed Specialty Lines?

Managed Specialty Lines offers a POTS replacement solution for service providers as businesses seek an alternative to replace their existing POTS lines. With carrier-grade cloud technology, service providers can lower costs, enhance reliability, and ability to easily convert analog lines to digital lines — without a cost- and time-prohibitive rip and replace. Virtually every hardline connection your business has can now be replaced with a single solution.


Address POTS Replacement Compliance with Ease

Analog lines are on their way out, but customers still need security alarms, gate access, and fax lines. Service providers need to build or acquire a POTS replacement solution fast.

Alternative Solution Challenges

Carrier or Private Fiber. Only cost effective for providers with high bandwidth or performance requirements. Fiber builds or leases result in a delayed return on investment.

Cellular. Not applicable for remote locations, areas with unreliable signals, or locations with specific security requirements.

Private Wireless Networks (PWN). Not feasible for all rural areas, and alternative options may not meet large providers bandwidth or latency performance standards.

IP-based DSL or Cable. Feasible only where available and if it meets service security requirements.

The Alianza Difference

5G Connectivity. Competing solutions have older technology that aren’t 5G capable. With the 10T router, you can connect to the best network available regardless of its location.

Custom installation. Coordination with local guidelines and specialty vendors ensures proper provisioning, installation, call control, and PSTN connectivity.

Decreased Latency. Dynamic cloud-based architecture with no throttling and high calls per second. Multi-box removes additional call processing steps, unlike single box solutions.

Superior Solution. 10T multi-box devices are fully modular with built-in redundancy, removable components, and scalability to meet unique requirements.

Use Specialty Lines for Countless Applications

Managed Specialty Lines is a single-solution technology that can replace virtually any hardline.

Fire Alarms

Fax Lines

911 Lines

Burglar Alarms

Gate Access

Security Gates

POS Machines



credit card machine

Credit Card Machines

Panic Buttons

Remote Site Failovers

Remote Access Modems

Legacy PBXs

We are proud to offer a highly differentiated solution in the Specialty Line market based on decades of experience, ingenuity, and an amazing group of partners. Our completely modular solution consists of 4G LTE or future-proof 5G routers that have been carefully designed with low latency algorithms to be better, faster, and cheaper than the competition, with years of trouble-free service.
Jatin Garg, CEO & Founder10T Solutions

POTS Replacement — Everything is Included

Managed Specialty Lines makes POTS replacement easy & affordable
POTS Replacement


Custom installation and coordination with local guidelines and specialty vendors for provisioning, installation, call control, and PSTN connectivity.


Reliable alerts and alarm reporting. Plus, manage only one vendor for applications, network, and support.


All CPE hardware is provided, including LTE router, ATA, UPS, and backup cellular connectivity for always-on availability.


Proven multi-box solution with better quality and easier management than single-box solutions, backed by availability SLAs of 99.99%.

Service Providers Benefit from Managed Specialty Lines

Our cloud-native platform provides a better business model with the lowest TCO and a faster time to market.
POTS Replacement


Leverage next-gen technology for lower costs, enhanced reliability, and simplified migration to digital lines while continuing to support analog lines.
POTS Replacement

Cost Reduction

Avoid large capital investments and see an immediate return on investment and greater savings with our flexible, per-site pricing model.
POTS Replacement

Simplified Operations

No need to upgrade technology — it's in the cloud. Critical systems are monitored and managed, so no additional resources needed from you.

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