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Robocall Blocking with Cloud Solutions

By Kevin Mitchell on September 19, 2016

The FCC is making a big push to help consumers combat robocalls and telemarketing calls. Robocalling is an awful abuse of technology and our telecom infrastructure. It's time for us to fight back and block these robocalls with new tools.

Heavy Reading: Cloud Defines a New Voice Strategy

By Kevin Mitchell on August 3, 2016

Last month Level 3 and Alianza announced the release of a new Heavy Reading white paper Migrating Service Provider Voice Infrastructure to the Cloud.

Top 3 Reasons to Add VoIP to FTTH

By Kevin Mitchell on April 5, 2016

Last week Google Fiber announced a forthcoming home phone service as a new option for $10 per month. Google is making voice cool and useful with this market disrupting move. (I wonder if SMB hosted IP PBX services will follow in the future). Telcos, cable MSOs and other broadband providers should take notice. If you’re not offering your own branded VoIP over fiber broadband infrastructure, you better be! Here are three reasons why:

Why the Cloud Is Better Than Wholesale Hosted VoIP

By Kevin Mitchell on March 9, 2016

Build versus buy is a classic question when it comes to technology adoption. It’s true for enterprises as well as service providers. When it comes to voice, there is a spectrum of classic outsource options that include agent resale, white label/reseller VoIP programs and wholesale hosted VoIP. Now there is a new option: the cloud voice platform.

Service Provider Voice - On the Road to the Cloud

By Kevin Mitchell on February 3, 2016

2015 was another banner year for moving service provider voice from old school ways to deliver voice to cloud-based solutions. As residential and business VoIP continues the shift to cloud delivery models, that transition is also happening to service provider VoIP infrastructure. As part of the movement to web-scale, virtualized solutions, cloud voice platforms are increasingly adopted by all types of service providers to power new services and replace aging, obsolete networks.

Network Virtualization Getting Real (Sort Of)

By Kevin Mitchell on January 26, 2016

Heavy Reading released The Future of Virtualization Index Report this week giving a read out on the network virtualization evolution across three dimensions: planning, deploying and investment status. Planning is in full swing, but deployments are rare. Cloud sourced NFV can accelerate that actualization.

Disruptive Innovation: The Cloud Helps Drive Cable Value

By Kevin Mitchell on December 21, 2015

Cable MSOs have delivered impressive growth, but in order to not shed value they must respond to the coming disruption with innovation across products and business models. That's the message from Accenture's report Driving a New Era of Value Growth in the Cable Industry. We see the cloud voice platform as one such response to the headwinds associated with cable voice services and aging VoIP networks today.

NFV and the Cloud

By Kevin Mitchell on September 8, 2015

I find that NFV and cloud get conflated frequently and, while related, they are not the same. Even the term cloud can represent distinct approaches and adverse philosophies to next-generation infrastructure solutions. NFV is integral to the cloud, but a true cloud solution is much more.

The Experienced Way to Prevent VoIP Fraud

By Ryan Higgins on August 6, 2015

VoIP fraud is serious business and rightly worries the finance, security and operations teams at service providers. And so we take it seriously with a collection of tools, safeguards and policies that first aim to prevent fraud from taking place and then, secondly, mitigate the exposure should a bad guy get through. The limits we put into place translate into minimized risk.

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