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Increase revenue in a saturated market by expanding your home phone service offering.
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What's a VoIP Home Phone Service?

It's a cloud-based home phone service with features like voicemail, call screening, simultaneous ring, call forwarding, and dozens more.
Purpose-built for service providers, Alianza’s pricing model makes it easy and straightforward — no add-on license fees or feature-packs needed. Our carrier services partners ensure rate center coverage, local number portability, and full regulatory support, including emergency services and lawful intercept.

Your Customers Want Home Phones

Cloud-based voice offers cost savings for home phone services without sacrificing quality.

The only thing customers lose by moving their home phone to the cloud is an expensive monthly bill. This cost-effective solution means they won’t have to give up their home phone number to take advantage of the extra features, quality, reliability, and security. An easier transition means reduced cloud hesitancy and a better customer experience.

Voice Portal

Users have control over call waiting, schedules, forwarding, call screening, and more.

Unlimited Calling

No need to worry about unexpected long distance charges. It's all included.

Keep Your Numbers

We'll port over your customers' existing home phone numbers to get them set up.

Blocked Robocalls

Nomorobo identifies and blocks known spam calls, protecting users from scams.

Home Phone Solutions Create Abundant Opportunities

Despite headlines on cord cutting, mobile-only communications, and preferences for texting, home phone services are still essential to more than 49 million households.


Million Calls Per Day


New Users Per Week


Phone Lines in Service


Emergency Calls Per Day
Since we partnered with Alianza almost 6 years ago, we have not had one single call quality complaint."
Wendy Hartman, General ManagerAdams Cable Service

Self-Managed Voice Portal

Empower your customers to manage their own home phone services in a web portal branded with your colors and logo.

Call Handling

Create schedules, manage call waiting, and set incoming call paths for various scenarios.

Call Screening

Block unwanted calls ranging from anonymous, toll-free, or specific phone numbers.


See the last call made on the account, including the date, time, and duration.


Upload greetings, download messages, and forward voicemails to email.

Home Phone Features

Give your home phone customers the powerful calling features and reliable service they're looking for.
home phone

Call Handling

  • Busy, No Answer, and Out of Service
  • Call Forwarding and Hold
  • Call Handling Schedules
  • Call Waiting
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Simultaneous Ring
home phone

Call Screening

  • 900/976 Call Blocking
  • Anonymous Call Reject
  • Block or Enable Caller ID
  • Block Callers w/Message
  • Custom Call Screening
  • Priority Ring
  • Selective Call Acceptance
home phone


  • 3-Way Conference Calling
  • Dialing Restrictions
  • Local Calling
  • Localized Dialing
  • Metered / Unmetered Calling
  • Sub-Voicemail Boxes
  • Voicemail to Email
Adams Cable Service
The issues were so immense that one of Adams Cable’s end users couldn’t reach their own customer in the same ILEC.
Cloud Communication Solutions
Uncover the true value of moving to the cloud in our guide to ensuring future success and revenue for service providers.

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