About Us

We provide service providers with the world's top cloud communications experience, connecting people seamlessly.

Our Purpose

We connect people by delivering the world’s best cloud communications experience for service providers

Alianza connects people with their friends, families, customers, coworkers, and business partners. Humans are social creatures, and our relationships with one another have a more significant impact on our happiness and well-being than any other area of our lives. The work we do at Alianza facilitates millions of connections each day. We know that as we connect people, we are making the world a better place.

Delivering the best cloud communications experience for service providers starts with exceptional platform quality and always-on availability. It means that we use modern, proven technology that enables us to be agile and address evolving market demands. When things don’t go as planned, our team resolves issues with a sense of urgency. Being the best also means that Alianza will be the clear choice for service providers who want to grow faster, radically simplify operations, reduce costs, and improve cash-flow.
About Us

Our Story

We’ve Created a Better Way for Providers to Deliver VoIP and UC

Alianza was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. After years of helping businesses embrace cloud communications, we decided to take that same model and help service providers with their next-generation infrastructure, and so we designed, built, and launched the world’s first cloud communications platform. It’s a new way to deliver voice service that untangles operators from the restraints of old-school voice networks and frees up resources to accelerate strategic initiatives.

The Alianza Difference

We are the only true cloud-native, carrier-grade communications platform built for service providers.

Alianza Values

Growing Telco Revenue
Customer Advocacy

We care deeply about our customers and their end-users. We aggressively advocate on their behalf. We are obsessed with accelerating their success, eliminating their pain, and showing up in a way that reflects our commitment to being an indispensable strategic partner.

Growing Telco Revenue

We seek to understand the big picture and align our actions with Alianza’s strategy and priorities. We are transparent and share context freely. We actively resist departmental silos and workplace politics. We prioritize company over team, and team over self. When things don’t feel right, we get curious, respectfully challenge, seek to understand and strive to get aligned.

Growing Telco Revenue

We build trust with our customers and coworkers when we deeply, take personal ownership, keep our commitments, consistently deliver excellent results, respect others, and act with integrity. We don’t hesitate to take on big projects or tackle big challenges – but none of us are above taking out the trash.

Growing Telco Revenue

When challenged, we rally, double down, increase our focus, and work with a sense of urgency. When things don’t go our way, we persevere, maintain a long-term perspective, and never give up. We view roadblocks and constraints as catalysts for resourcefulness, creativity, and innovation.

Growing Telco Revenue
Elevate Others

We help, support and inspire others to do their best work. We are kind. When team members need us, we show up. We care enough about each other to be candid and objective with our feedback. When individuals or teams are frustrated, we don’t commiserate – we work together to create solutions.


Our Team

Meet the leaders empowering CSPs with cloud technology. Alianza is powered by a team of experts who have a passion for transforming communications delivery.


We empower 200+ service providers to rapidly deploy high-value communication offerings to address evolving market demands with our easy to manage, easy to consume, and highly profitable product suite.

Your Expertise Wanted!

Are you a believer in this service provider transformation? Join our team and help our service provider customers quickly embrace the future of communications.
Our dedicated experts will connect with you to discuss your specific challenges and how we can help you solve them.
We team up with industry leaders and start-ups to accelerate innovation and revenue growth for service providers.