Omni-Channel Contact Center

Alianza’s voice-first, service provider-built platform with a cutting edge, configurable contact center system.
Contact Center

What is Contact Center?

Our solution goes beyond automation to provide a fully orchestrated caller, agent, team, and company experience.

Expectations from customers are the most difficult to meet. From hold music and company IVR messaging, to problem resolution and connecting with the proper agent (out of potentially hundreds) all have an effect on the customer service experience.  

Alianza’s Contact Center creates a dynamic and personalized customer journey by managing countless automated tasks to create a dynamic workflow including complex, custom call flows, integrations with third-party systems for workforce management, customer relationship management, or back-office operations.  

Unlock new revenue streams, meeting the growing demands for exceptional customer experiences, by providing a comprehensive and customizable contact center solution to your end customers.  

Cloud-Based Contact Center Benefits

We makes it easy and more profitable than ever to launch new products and expand your reach to new markets.
Contact Center

Custom Branding

Add your logo and colors to the Admin Portal and Contact Center Agent software at no additional cost.
Contact Center

Launch in Weeks

Our professional services experts will users and teams quickly. Engaged clients can launch in 2 weeks!
Contact Center


Service providers can see a 40–45% margin on a licence with an ARPU of $100 per agent per month. 
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Low Risk Revenue Stream 

With a $35 billion market valuation and Alianza’s no-minimum order and term limit, what are you waiting for? 

Alianza’s Contact Center Features 

A state-of-the-art, customizable solution with all the tools your business customers needed to run, manage, and support an advanced customer experience.


Easy IVR 

An organization’s IVR is often a caller’s first contact. Revolutionize the customer journey with ideal call flows. 


Turnkey voice and SMS options let callers communicate via their preferred modes — using any phone or browser.

Real-Time Analytics

Hundreds of pre-built, live dashboards, and monitoring allows proactive responses to consumer needs.

Skill-Based Routing

Team, department, or agent-level assignment improves first-call resolution, and customer satisfaction.


Advanced IVR Studio

Design a dynamic and personalized customer journey, including call flow variables, conditional logic, and more.

Call Recording 

From agent monitoring to simple caller interactions, recording conversations in every communication channel.

CRM Integrations

Agents can quickly verify and focus on call resolution with workforce management, data dip, and screen-pop.

Intelligent Routing 

Meet caller expectations with call flows to agents based on skill level, location, relationship to the client, and much more.


Transcription & Sentiment Analysis

Gain critical intelligence from every discussion with voicemail transcription, sentiment tags, and more.


Meet customers where they’re at, using channels that best suits them — email, social media, voicemail, and webchat.

Customized Reports

Both real-time and historical metrics, and ability to developed reports to best meet the unique needs of your end-users.

Dynamic Notifications

From voice reminders to SMS, multi-channel marketing outreach, and multi-language text to speech notifications.

Professional Services Onboarding 

Included in our Gold and Platinum packages at no additional cost.

Our contact center experts will be at your side the whole way, providing comprehensive agent and supervisor training, ensuring the most effective use of our powerful tools, and a successful launch. With an Alianza-powered solution, you get the human resources needed to ensure your customers are empowered to deliver the best possible service. 

Cloud-Base Contact Center Benefits

We makes it easy and more profitable than ever to launch new products and expand your reach to new markets.


Validate your needs, project scope, stakeholders, and technical items such as integrations.


Gather your call flow requirements, help design your ideal IVR, and grant your team access.


Empower your agents with real-time dashboards, so they can deliver the best customer service.


Your teams’ approval of the implementation reflects your requirements accurately, so it’s polished before we go live.


Once all the technical pieces are in place, we’ll equip your team with onboarding call and training recordings and launch including porting existing voice lines.

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