Telecom IP Solutions

You built your business on voice. Our telecom IP solutions can help you make it more profitable.
Telecom IP Solutions

It's Time to Upgrade

Gain vital agility to manage rapid technological changes with our telecom IP solutions.

Voice remains an essential service for incumbent and competitive telcos, but your network needs a big upgrade, and virtualizing your voice infrastructure is only one step. You need a rapid path to VoIP, a simple operational model, and an agile services environment to address a variety of residential and business cases.

You'll Be In Good Company

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Monetize Your Most Valuable Asset

Our telecom IP solutions leverage your existing network to bring your communication services business to the cloud.

The way consumers and SMBs prefer to communicate is changing. Internet messaging, VoIP, and other cloud-based technology is taking over the industry — even smartphone traffic is moving to Wi-Fi. With telecom IP solutions, service providers can increase monetization of their current network by incorporating addition cloud-based services to their solutions suite.

Unlike conventional wholesale VoIP solutions, our full-stack cloud communications platform leverages the latest virtualization technology, bringing all the benefits of the cloud — web scalability, unrivaled service agility and pay-as-you-grow economics — to your network.

Telecom IP Solutions

Telecom IP Solutions Transform Voice

The way we communicate is evolving. Stay ahead of the curve with cloud telecom IP solutions.

Common Challenges

Aging Voice Infrastructure. Complex, costly, and resource-intensive infrastructures require capital-intensive maintenance and specific knowledge that is lost when experts retire.

Lack of Agile Systems. Manual endpoint configuration wastes resources and impacts the ability to effectively onboard customers, vendors, and suppliers.

Softswitch Viability. Technological advancements, increasing consumer bandwidth needs, and the rising demand for collaboration tools places softswitch operators at a competitive disadvantage.

The Alianza Difference

Self-Managed Solution. Automatic distribution of software updates and maintenance lowers your operating costs and the number of skilled employees your business needs to maintain.

Remote Deployment. Reduce precious resource strain while maintaining uniformity across user interfaces, so you can get users get up and running sooner.

Flexibility and Integration. Rapidly replacing all your infrastructure at once isn’t viable. Our platform integrates with existing SBCs, PBXs, VoIP switches, and more to provide long-term viability.

Abundant Opportunities with Telecom IP Solutions

Alianza's cloud telecom IP solutions can help you reach more customers — without expanding your footprint.
reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO).
SMB decision makers ranked UC apps, video collaboration, audio conferencing, business text messaging, and instant messaging as "Very Important" to their phone service.
service providers can see an average gross margin of 60–76% by leveraging Alianza solutions.
From the established telco to the upstart ISP, it’s clear that modern cloud communications solutions are pivotal to the success of leading broadband service providers. Alianza’s solutions fit well with Calix strategic platforms — and our companies are tightly aligned to deliver a great experience for service providers of all sizes from initial launch to full scale deployment.
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Substantial Benefits of Telecom IP Solutions

Alianza's platform is specifically designed to offer telecom IP solutions to service providers. Our full-stack cloud communication solutions are built with your margins, ease of use, and consumers in mind.

Attract Net New Business

Lead generation can be costly because it's difficult to lure customers away from competitors. We provide training for your sales team and complete go-to-market toolkits, so you can get the word out quickly.

Simplify Operations

Whether you've used wholesale hosted solutions or built your own network in the past, with our cloud, voice becomes an app over your broadband networks without requiring the cumbersome infrastructure.

Increase Features & Functionality

Voice features aren’t limited to the server and ports available through in-office systems — any number of auto-attendants, extensions, voicemail boxes, and conference bridges can be set up for an end user’s organization.

Gain Mobile Applications

Increase your business reach exponentially with our highly interoperable applications that are crucial in today’s mobile-first world. Desktop and mobile applications enable your SMB consumers to work from anywhere, on any device.

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Beware Significant Hidden Costs
Operating or build your own voice network is like an iceberg, beneath the surface lurks hidden costs.