CLEC Expansion Opportunities

Extend your reach and target new markets — without expanding your footprint.
You'll be in good company

Common Challenges of CLEC Expansions

CLECs that rely on constrained networks are at high risk of service interruptions and shrinking revenue.
Moving to the cloud makes you competitive again.

Common Challenges

Product Expansion

Service providers are faced with the reality that their legacy networks have limited reach and can trigger extensive and costly upgrades at any moment.

Customer Growth

Existing footprints only reach a finite number of customers, straining your business’s ability to increase revenue and target new customer segments.

Infrastructure Restrictions

Delivering traditional voice requires costly network expansions and legacy hardware that is increasingly expensive to maintain, reducing your profits over time.

Shrinking Revenue Opportunities

Outdated networks, complexity, and rising maintenance costs are a challenge for service providers in an already competitive market.

The Alianza Difference

Limitless Applications

Our platform integrates with SBCs, IMS components, PBXs, and VoIP switches — enabling existing networks to access a full suite of cloud communication solutions.

Expand Your Market

Target any range of SMBs and enterprise customers with the infinite reach of cloud communications — without costly network expansions.

Healthy, Predictable Margins

Fully monetize your assets by offering a broader portfolio of feature-rich solutions. Our pay-as-you-go model ensure as your margins scale as your customers do.

Focus on Success

Our turnkey voice solutions allow you to avoid upfront capital investments, simplify operations, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

CLEC Expansion

A New Approach to CLEC Expansions

Expand your CLEC beyond last-mile connectivity into a new, lucrative, unsaturated market.

Unfortunately, “if you built it they will come” no longer applies. New technology competitors have entered the telecom space by investing in fiber, shrinking your customer base, and reducing your business’s profitability over time. With cloud-based communication solutions, CLECs can move beyond the days of resources intensive network expansions with service launch complications.

We are constantly innovating to deliver a better customer experience. Alianza fits that mode and gives us a modern, agile, and easier to manage solution so we can deliver the best phone service portfolio for our customers, including expanded features."
Anne Lutz, Director of Customer ServiceNextLight Internet

CLEC Expansion Solutions Benefit Everyone

CLEC Expansion

Service Providers

Manual setup is obsolete with streamlined deployment, simplified customer onboarding, and management tools.
CLEC Expansion

SMBs & Enterprises

With superior end-point flexibility and workforce mobility, organizations gain significant savings, increased productivity, and employee satisfaction.
CLEC Expansion

End Users

Centralized communication tools increase collaboration and improve productivity, enabling agents to work on desktop and mobile devices.

Abundant Opportunities For CLEC Expansion

average gross margin service providers can see by leveraging Alianza solutions.
of SMBs consider voice and/or advanced communication services essential to their success.
of SMBs would prefer purchase phone and cloud communications from their broadband provider, if the VoIP features met company requirements.
of SMBs would prefer to add collaboration services to their voice service — as opposed to adding voice to their collaboration solution (34%) or keeping them separate (17%).
Horizon Telcom
Learn how Horizon accelerated their build ROI and launched true anywhere communications.
Beware Significant Hidden Costs
Operating or building your own voice network is like an iceberg, beneath the surface lurks hidden costs.

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