VoIP Solutions for Satellite Broadband

Launch new high-margin services to capitalize on the growing VoIP services market.

Cloud VoIP Reduces Ongoing Costs & Effort

Alianza’s cloud communication solutions for satellite broadband providers offers remote access to resources like hosted software and applications, so you can rapidly reduce business costs, improve margins, and offer your consumers a greater range of functionality. Take advantage of our SaaS model to react swiftly to business changes and remove the need for large service or storage investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

Solutions for Satellite Broadband

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Why Cloud Solutions for Satellite Broadband?

Move your communication services to the cloud and leverage our robust infrastructure to deliver flexibility, elastic scaling, operational efficiency, and security to your voice customers.

Boost Third-Party Interoperability

Cloud communications solutions offer service providers a key market differentiator in the ability to integrate with specialized third-party apps, solutions, and ecosystems that aren't readily available through other vendors.

Infrastructure Flexibility

Our solutions for satellite broadband integrate with existing SBCs, IMS components, PBXs, and VoIP switches, so you can leverage your customers' existing infrastructures to deploy Alianza solutions.

Grow Your Customer Base

Give your SMB and enterprise customers the ability to deploy data-intensive applications across geographically dispersed locations such as offices, work-from-home, retail locations, and more.

Scalable Pipeline

Empower your operations and IT teams to deliver software easier and faster with a scalable provisioning pipeline. Cloud communications solutions enable on-demand deployment to any location, at any scale.

Our Solutions for Satellite Broadband Exceed Consumer Expectations

Offer your SMB and enterprise customers the ability to run data-heavy applications and workloads from anywhere, without disruptive changes to their applications and infrastructure.

In today’s increasingly saturated market, great bandwidth is no longer enough for satellite broadband providers to distinguish themselves amongst consumers. Alianza’s robust cloud communications solutions for satellite broadband helps providers build out their network infrastructures while gaining agility, flexibility, elastic scaling, operational efficiency, security, and end-to-end network quality.

Solutions for Satellite Broadband
Alianza is set to position Xplornet Enterprise Solutions as a leader in Canada’s business VoIP solutions market. Like Enterprise Solutions, Alianza recognizes that each business is unique with different requirements. The scalable, customizable, and easy-to-use features of Business Cloud Communications will allow us to deliver another valuable solution to our enterprise customers.
Robbie Zetariuk, Vice PresidentXplornet Enterprise Solutions

Opportunities with Solutions for Satellite Broadband Providers

A hybrid cloud model is now the norm for enterprises. Service providers gain substantial benefits by incorporating Alianza's cloud communication infrastructure and solutions into their networks.

Stay Competitive

Satellites aren't cheap. Maximize cash flow by removing the need to build prototypes, assess radio frequencies, and test services.

Increase Maneuverability

Take advantage of next-gen technology, exceptional quality, and always-on availability to drive customer growth.

Extend Customer Base

Satellite access to the cloud is more flexible than terrestrial networks — creating a large opportunity for provider with high-bandwidth satellites.

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