SIP Trunking

Easily connect your customers' existing on-premises PBX to our secure and reliable cloud data network.
SIP Trunking

What Is SIP Trunking?

Businesses with IP PBX solutions have turned to SIP Trunking for cost savings and flexibility.

SIP Trunking creates a connection from your customer’s on-site PBX system to your VoIP network, using your broadband to replace the telco PRI and connect your customers with the public switched telephone network (PSTN). A single trunk can support a single call to many hundreds of simultaneous calls, meeting the needs of organizations small and large.

Capitalize on this red-hot market and help companies embrace IP solutions and eliminate costly and static TDM connections.

SIP Trunking is Simple

SIP Trunking seems complex, but it's the easy choice for you and your customers.

Reduce Hesitancy

Moving to the cloud is stress-free — no costly equipment or expertise needed.

Customer Stickiness

Leverage the cost savings on local and long distance calling by bundling your solutions.

Simplified Scalability

Easily scale up or down as your customers' needs change. Flexibility = healthy margins.

Easy Onboarding

Our platform is intuitive so customers can make changes in minutes and get back to work.

Instant ROI

No risk or upfront investment necessary, which increases your speed to market and ROI.

Right-Sized Flexibility

SIP Trunking resources are flexible and there's no physical installation or setup necessary.

SIP Trunking is exceptional profitable and very low work. With SIP Trunking we don’t have to concern ourselves with features, or anything. Once one of our customers has a SIP trunk, we never hear from them again."
Wendy Hartman, General ManagerAdams Cable Service

SIP Trunking Reduces Downtime & Saves You Money

Gain a competitive edge over larger and more resource-rich competitors.
SIP Trunking

Substantial Call Savings

Attract customers by offering calls sent over the internet, dramatically reducing expensive roaming and long distance changes.
SIP Trunking

Pay & Scale as Needed

As your customers scale up and down, they only have to pay for the SIP trunks they need — no additional per-line fees.
SIP Trunking

Bypass Setup Fees

Without a physical infrastructure, you save on installation costs and your customers have the freedom to make calls on any device.
SIP Trunking

Self-Maintained Solution

No in-house technical expertise or personnel needed to maintain the SIP network, meaning happier customers with less effort.

SIP Trunking Benefits SMBs & Enterprises

Ditch traditional phone services that limit SMB growth. Choose SIP Trunking for increased recurring revenue, stickiness, and customer lifetime value.

Simplified Growth

Scale with your customers’ business needs. With SIP Trunking, you can increase phone line capacity and phone numbers separately within minutes, not weeks — no more waiting for installation.

No Rip & Replace

Your customers can use their existing equipment — no costly upgrades or overhaul needed. The ability to bring services to the cloud without a large investment means you can target a wider range of customers.

No Expertise Needed

The Voice Portal offers end users an easy to use, intuitive administrative website to manage all of their Alianza services online — no white-glove service needed.

Competitive Edge

SIP Trunking is a cloud-based alternative to on-premises perpetual licensing solutions, enabling you to compete with legacy over-the-top (OTT) providers with a more agile platform that they can’t keep up with.

Cloud Redundancy

Alianza’s SIP Trunking provides vital service redundancy. Whether there’s a network failure, natural disaster, power outage, or hardware problem, call routing is in the cloud so your customers never miss a call.

Recurring Cost Savings

A SIP trunk takes the place of the 3–4 traditional business lines. End users can eliminate complicated monthly bills to unlock predicable billing and recurring savings for their entire system.

Adams Cable Service
“SIP Trunking is exceptionally profitable and very low work,” said Wendy Hartman of Adams Cable.
Horizon Telcom
Learn how Alianza’s SIP Trunking solution replaced Horizon’s Metaswitch softswitch.

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