A VoIP Platform for Cable Providers

The next era of voice is here. Your network belongs in the cloud with Alianza's cable VoIP platform.
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Cable VoIP Platform

Future-Proof Your Communications Infrastructure

Voice is a key service offering for cable operators, but legacy solutions are complex and expensive. It’s time for an upgrade. Alianza’s cloud communications platform enables cable service providers to boost voice profitability and rapidly launch new services with a number of initiatives.

Whether you’ve used wholesale hosted solutions or built your own network in the past, we can help you boost margins, launch new business UC services, and simplify operations. With our cloud cable VoIP platform, your voice becomes an app over your broadband network without cumbersome infrastructure.


Address Market Challenges with a Cable VoIP Platform

Alianza's cable VoIP platform is specifically designed to help cable service providers reduce cost of ownership, provide better service agility, and power high-margin UC and cloud communication services.

Common Challenges

Competition. Differentiating your business in a mature, saturated market.

Resource Strain. Aging networks place an exponential strain on IT and precious capital.

Incumbents. Staving off new market entrants and technological advancements eroding customer base.

Lead Generation. Generating net new customer interest and luring them away from competitors.

The Alianza Difference

Increase Growth. Leverage the cloud for new products and increased reach without costly network expansions.

Simplify Operations. Users get security, compliance, and software updates — without any effort from your team.

Future-Proof. Protect your customer base from competitors dabbling in ISP and wireless carriers building 5G networks.

Sales Ready. We provide training for your sales team and go-to-market toolkits so you can get the word out quickly.
Since we partnered with Alianza almost 6 years ago, we have not one single call quality complaint.
Wendy Hartman, General ManagerAdams Cable Service

Capitalize on the Opportunities

Cable broadband providers still have plenty of opportunities to retain existing customers, secure new voice customers, and win back old ones with a cable VoIP platform. In a recent survey of SMB decision makers, nearly 60% of respondents said they have switched or seriously considered switching voice providers in the past several years.

SMBs said their top criteria for selecting a voice provider are ease of use, speed and efficiency of deployment, and brand reputation. Surprisingly, the SMBs we surveyed don’t place as much emphasis on a service provider’s local presence. If all other criteria are equal, that can certainly be a differentiator for a provider.

Cable VoIP Platform

Win More Business with a Cable VoIP Platform

As SMBs and enterprises are choosing to host less hardware on premises, they're seeking flexible, cost-effective, mobile solutions from cable providers. You can win more business with the cloud.
reduction in total cost of ownership, with an average margin increase of 15%, by leveraging a full-stack cloud communications provider.
of SMBs would prefer to add collaboration services to their voice service as opposed to adding voice to their collaboration solution (34%) or keeping voice and collaboration separate (17%).
of SMBs would prefer purchase phone and cloud communications from their broadband provider, if the VoIP features met company requirements.

Innovation Without the Price Tag

Our cable VoIP platform provides a better business model with the lowest TCO and a faster time to market.
Cable voip platform

Bundle for Retention

Your customers expect triple- and quad-play offers. Meet market demand without increasing your network footprint or maintenance efforts.
Cable voip platform

Apps — As Devices

Selling software rather than gadgets or subsidized consumer and SMB devices means higher margins and a better customer experience.
Cable voip platform

Reduce Operational Effort

Streamline operations, automate key processes, and redirect precious resources back to growing your business.

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