UC Applications Built for Service Providers

Increase competitiveness with UC applications offered on a full-stack cloud communications platform.
UC Applications

Why Offer Unified Communications

As cloud-based productivity tools have become an integral part of modern work culture, businesses are looking to their service providers for unified, mobile communication solutions to support their in-office and remote workforces. Leverage our cloud-native platform to offer your customers fully integrated, turnkey UC applications. It’s the best path for speed-to-market, high margins, and accelerated growth.

Proven Demand for UC Applications

Enhanced collaboration through a single cloud platform, with an easy-to-use interface.

SMBs and enterprises are choosing to host less hardware on premises in favor of modern, future-proof cloud solutions. Its a pivot point for service providers to make the transition and compete with the over-the-top (OTT) vendors.

All-in-one UC applications are highly sustainable, cost effective, all-inclusive, and flexible, which is revolutionizing markets and enabling rapid growth that legacy solutions can never keep pace with. 

white Label Cloud Communications

Eliminate CAPEX

Complement your existing network without additional hardware requirements.

Robust Interoperability

Integration and interoperability with mission-critical business applications.
white Label Cloud Communications

Maximize Mobility

Flexibility for employee collaboration and workforce mobilization with UC apps.
white Label Cloud Communications

IT Simplicity

Eliminates distractions that minimizes productivity and stresses budgets.

UC Application Market Share for the Taking

UCaaS continues to grow across all market segments as enterprises opt to host less hardware on-premises.
The forecasted global UC&C market share in 2023.
of enterprise users will not use a desk phone by 2024.
downloads of mobile applications by 2024, up 9%.
Deployment of cloud telephony will more than double through 2025.
Alianza’s commitment to supporting our Lumen-branded portfolio with a feature-rich platform, high-quality mobile applications, end user self-service tools, and a digital-first approach is a great fit with our strategy.
Scott Velting, VP of Product ManagementLumen

Gain an Edge on OTT Providers

Over-the-top (OTT) competitors are experiencing tremendous success in the market by leveraging the power of the cloud to quickly deliver services the market wants at an unprecedented scale.

Why connect your customers with voice and communication tools, only to turn them over to competitors for video conferencing needs?

Complement your existing network with mobile, video, and audio conferencing solutions to effortlessly become a unified communications (UC) provider — without additional costly hardware, truck rolls, or network expansions.  

Easily expand your product suite with collaboration solutions
Create new revenue streams by incorporating cloud-based communication
Easily expand your product suite with collaboration solutions
uc applications
uc applications
Having the option to use the softphone on both your desktop, laptop, and mobile phone – users can take it with them wherever they go. Without losing the flexibility for businesses that still require a desk phone for a receptionist.
Donna Sagin, Senior Marketing ManagerXplornet Enterprise Solutions

We've Gone Beyond Direct Routing

Operator Connect-level automation — without the cost and specialized expertise. Alianza for Microsoft Teams automates the voice configuration between the customer’s Microsoft 365 tenant and Alianza, eliminating the heavy technical lift for providers.
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

2-Step Connectivity

Add licenses and sync, it’s that simple. We’ve gone beyond Direct Routing to layer on PBX provisioning.
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Time to Market

Enable and set up in minutes, so you get the most out of your investment now — not a year from now.
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Turnkey Solution

No outsourcing to a Microsoft reseller in order to navigate the complexities of setting up Direct Routing yourself.
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Grow Quicker

Eliminate defining SBC and PBX templates every time you sign up or move an end users to the integration.

Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Voice-enable Teams with carrier-grade quality, reliability, and administrative ease.

Administrative Ease

Business Cloud Communications serves as the central call control and routing engine for Teams users, offering consistency and ease.

Simple Setup

Automation is built into the configuration process to make it faster and more intuitive, so customers spend less time onboarding.

Expand Your Market Share

Build your “with Teams” strategy and capitalize on Microsoft’s growth and success without any in-house development or ongoing maintenance.

Superior Pricing Model

Simple per-user, per-month pricing and user-by-user roll out ensures you're in control of the implementation costs.

Native Dialing

Keep Teams users in their productivity ecosystem. Get native calling without the need to change phone numbers or systems.

Lower Rates for Users

Gain greater flexibility, broader geographic coverage, and lower rates than Microsoft Calling Plans with Direct Routing can offer. 

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Omdia analysts see Alianza as a possible next BroadSoft. However, Alianza is better positioned for growth because it's designed for service providers.

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