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What Is a UCaaS Provider?

UCaaS providers offer businesses a better way to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a broad range of communication tools for real-time messaging, video conferencing, presence, screen sharing, and more. Alianza’s complete UCaaS suite is built specifically for service providers, with your margins, ease of use, and growth in mind. Complement your existing network with our full-stack cloud communications suite to effortlessly become a UCaaS provider — without additional costly hardware, truck rolls or network expansions.

Enable SMBs & Enterprises as a UCaaS Provider

SMBs and enterprises are choosing to host less hardware on premises and are seeking flexible, cost-effective, mobile solutions. Offer your customers a broad range of powerful communication tools as a UCaaS provider.

Crystal Clear Calling

Make crystal clear SIP VoIP calls with robust call functionalities.

Group & Private Messaging

Secure team messaging, 1:1 conversations, group chats, and message history in one window.

Integrated File Transfer

Drag-and-drop or attach files to messages to share instantly with contacts and teams.

Anywhere Communication

Take communications on the go with the Cymbus desktop and mobile apps.

Video, Audio, & Web Conferencing

Host meetings with easy-to-join room links, without sacrificing carrier-grade controls and external guest access.


With only a glance, users can see who’s online and their availability to get in touch easily and efficiently.

Horizon is preparing to launch a second phase of our voice services, powered by Cymbus. Alianza’s Customer Enablement team has done a phenomenal job making my job easier. The collateral and support content they have developed makes it very simple for me to create the marketing materials we need for a successful launch. The support I have received has been unparalleled, and I’m glad we have such a great team to work with."
Ashley Gray, Marketing ManagerHorizon Business

UCaaS Provider Solution Suite

Our complete suite of UCaaS solutions is service provider built to deliver profitable revenue and scalability.
UC Applications
An all-in-one voice, communication, and collaboration solution that enables teams to talk, chat, meet, and share across their devices.
Private Label Cloud Communications
Desktop and mobile apps with voice, video, messaging, presence, and collaboration. Customize our customer-facing brand, Cymbus.
ucaas provider
A powerful SMS and MMS tool that text-enables any business phones line with two-way chat, automated and scheduled responses, and more.

Save Time & Money as a UCaaS Provider

Automatic distribution of new software ensures your customers always have the latest security updates, compliance measures, and next-gen technology — without the need for intervention and maintenance from your team.

Easily Maintained

Centralized cloud-based management allows IT administrators to tailor any VoIP environment and instantly deploy features to all users, allowing you to redirect precious resources back to growing your business.

Seamless Provisioning

Our platform integrates with existing SBCs, IMS components, PBXs, VoIP switches and more to provide you long-term viability and integration with your customers’ mission-critical business applications. 

Cost Effective

Provide a better customer experience and save your IT team ongoing time and support costs by streamlining operations, automating key processes, and allowing customers to self-manage their services online.

Software Updates

Customers using on-premises solutions must coordinate interoperability, deployment dates, device upgrades, and more — with you! Alianza’s UCaaS suite frees you from the time and effort needed to facilitate these changes.

We love the simplicity of the Cloud Communications Platform and the tight partner alignment we have with Alianza. With this new solution, our cloud communications suite is more robust and we’re delivering greater value to our customers."
Cory Heigl, Vice President & General ManagerAstrea, previously Packerland Broadband
Alianza’s “feature-rich platform, high-quality mobile applications, end user self-service tools, and a digital-first approach is a great fit.”
Cloud Communication Solutions
Uncover the true value of moving to the cloud in our guide to ensuring future success and revenue for service providers.

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