Alianza for Telcos

Easily migrate legacy TDM and softswitch networks to the Alianza cloud communications platform

State of the Telco Industry

A decade of skyrocketing CAPEX spending, stagnant revenues, diminished margins, ongoing operating complexity and increasing competition are undermining industry growth and creating greater urgency for service providers to modernize network infrastructure. Migrating core communications – voice and unified communications (UC) – to the cloud dramatically simplifies network operations and improves service delivery to optimize the customer experience and unlock future growth. 

Telecom IP Solutions
Moving core network infrastructure to the cloud provides a clear opportunity for service providers to reduce complexity and operational cost, while also unlocking the new features and innovation necessary to deliver more advanced communications services and intelligent technology at a lower overall capital investment.
Evan Kirchheimer, Vice President Service Provider ResearchOmdia


A new access control solution enables a streamlined migration of legacy voice to the cloud

CLOUDEDGE provides telcos with a low-risk way to minimize operational complexity and improve network management efficiencies while also expediting the route to service innovation.

For more than a decade, telcos have struggled to manage legacy services while simultaneously developing and delivering net-new capabilities. These realities hampered revenue growth and exposed telcos to competitive threats from OTT competitors who were not constrained by the need to maintain network infrastructure, optimize service reliability, and deliver full-service capabilities, often in accordance with regulatory mandates.


Telco to Techco Transformation

A new path to the cloud for the most complex migrations of legacy TDM infrastructure.

Simplified Operations

API and automation gives technical experts back precious time and removes layers of engineering, administration, and software maintenance costs.

Lower TCO

Consolidating services onto a single platform simplifies management and billing processes, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Future-Ready Technology

Alianza has four high-quality, high-velocity product releases a year, while our competitors have two (focused on major flaws without innovation).

Rethinking Voice and UC Delivery Models

Reduce the need to manage multiple vendors to optimize go-to-market strategies and improve customer experiences

Common Challenges

Aging Voice Infrastructure. Complex, costly, and resource-intensive communications infrastructure requires capital-intensive maintenance and specific knowledge from an aging workforce.

Lack of Agile Systems. Manual endpoint configuration wastes resources and impacts the ability to effectively onboard customers, vendors, and suppliers.

Softswitch Viability. Technological advancements, increasing consumer bandwidth needs, and the rising demand for collaboration tools places softswitch operators at a competitive disadvantage.

Alianza Difference

Cloud Infrastructure. Multi-region, geo-redundant architecture. Alianza manages the platform development, security, and scaling — think Netflix not Nortel!

Open APIs. Flexible and extensible integration points drive automation for ordering, provisioning, and management of communications services.

Continuous Innovation. From delivering modern unified communications today to leveraging AI-enabled tools tomorrow — our engineering teams become an extension of your product development teams.

Full Stack Platform

Deliver your core voice services at each segment of the market with a single interface.

Core Communications Networks in the Cloud

Alignment on corporate goals and objectives as an indispensable strategic partner

Grow Revenue

With modern voice and UC products in the portfolio, Telcos can create more compelling bundles for small to medium business and enterprise markets.

Reduce Costs

Reduce CAPEX and lower overall operating costs. Tailored TCO models ensure all associated voice costs are considered beyond the switches.

Mitigate Risk

The risk of doing nothing is now greater than ever. The Alianza team guides Telcos through the journey to core communications in the cloud.

We continue to make intentional decisions to deploy leading-edge, best-in-class cloud native technologies as we build out our fiber network, so our customers have access to state-of-the-art services backed by unmatched customer service. Alianza's platform and its supportive customer success and enablement team are an important component of that strategy, giving us the ability to quickly deliver the new voice and UC services our customers want through our robust broadband offering."

2024 Omdia Research

Reinventing Core Communications:
Strategic Imperatives to Growth

The report offers a transformation roadmap for service providers as they face increasing operational complexity, network costs, and revenue pressures that are creating hostile market conditions across the telecommunications industry.

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