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Embrace DevOps and Cloud for Service Agility

DevOps is one of the buzziest terms out there and for good reason. To deliver on the service agility and “fail fast” goals, both technology and culture transformations are needed. Cloud, NFV, and web-scale technologies need a companion organizational philosophy for service providers to truly thrive and rapidly respond to market opportunities.

The NFV and Software Telco Movement

The NFV hype is omnipresent. Last month I had the opportunity of presenting at the Software Telco Congress show in Las Vegas held at the Rio. The show is a semi-annual opportunity for the movers and shakers in the software telco movement to come together and discuss the latest trends and innovations, as well as...

Cable QoS for the Cloud

Here at Alianza, we have been working with Cable MSOs looking to have their VoIP services managed in the cloud. Throughout our company’s history, we have worked with numerous service providers that use different broadband access networks (DSL, WiMAX, LTE, etc.) and they invariably ask: “How can we assure quality of service with voice hosted...