Cloud Voice Solutions Are a Priority for Service Providers

Cloud Voice Solutions Remain a Priority for Service Providers

Voice communication over the internet is not a new technology. Early versions of VoIP started to sprout in the mid 90s. However, as the power and reach of the internet has increased over the last few years, voice solutions have evolved and improved to meet the capabilities allowed by the internet.

Cloud voice solutions have become a staple in the corporate sector and although some providers believe video and collaboration services are more important, voice continues to remain a priority for end users today.

In the past, cloud voice services were associated with poor quality. Calls were not regarded as reliable, because they could drop at any moment as a result of slow internet service, low connection quality or issues with the VoIP client itself.

However, all of those issues have been overcome in recent years. Therefore, with better and more reliable quality in VoIP services, in addition to significant financial savings, we can expect VoIP to become a staple in customer call centres. Brands will have an important opportunity to create value for their customer base by implementing a positive experience when dealing with customer complaints.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, wireline voice traffic surged. This surge included home phone and cloud communications services. With this in mind, it’s fascinating to think of all the ways business voice could continue to grow and develop.

The Internet of Things refers to the growing trend of enabling different devices and appliances to be connected to the internet. From computers to dishwashers, smart devices will continue to grow in numbers and capabilities.

While cloud voice has not reached full integration, yet, there is definitely potential for different forms of integration. For example, voice-activated appliances could be manipulated over the phone via VoIP.

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