Transforming VoIP – Five Years at Alianza

This month Alianza turned 5 years old.

As I mentioned in my first post, Voice Business Transformation: Why I Founded Alianza, our team has set out to use the cloud to deliver what service providers have been asking for: a clear business model, not just cool technology. We are helping communications service providers to be more successful with their delivery and monetization of voice services. We have set out to transform the economics, service delivery architecture, and overall success of the voice business for fixed, cable, and mobile service providers.

I’d like to reflect back on these last five years and mention some of the accomplishments:

  • Helped over 30 service providers launch new VoIP services
  • Doubled revenue 4 out of 5 years and grew to over a billion minutes per year on our platform
  • Successfully migrated the largest subscriber base from a traditional voice network to a cloud voice platform (Clearwire with over 100,000 subscribers) in under two months
  • Launched the world’s first high-quality VoIP service over satellite with ViaSat
  • Established a joint solution with Level 3 Communications called Carrier Cloud Voice
  • Built our API library to 350 web methods to support integration with a broad swath of back-office applications and vendors
  • Developed and delivered over 200 end-user and back-office features in a non-disruptive manner with a regular release cadence that allows our customers to continually innovate and stay competitive
  • Founded the Accelerate Voice Ecosystem to aid service providers in time to market, service, and migration
  • Certified over 65 end-user voice devices – phones, ATAs, softclients, and gateways
  • Launched the industry’s first web-based portal for integrated, one-stop management of voice services

Looking back at what our team has accomplished is gratifying, but I’m confident that our best work is still on the horizon. By no means are we resting or celebrating. Over the next year, we will be announcing ground-breaking technology developments, platform enhancements, new partners, and new additions to our leadership team to execute on our vision. I’ve never been more excited about the mission in front of us and the team that we’ve put together to make it happen. We are taking a wholesale approach to wholesale voice to fix the business model for next-gen voice.

I’m looking forward to making the next five years even better than the first.