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Hello! Thanks for visiting. This is Discover the Cloud.

Today we have launched a new voice about cloud voice. As Alianza’s solution spans many spaces and touches on many themes, we’ll be exploring them all here in Discover the Cloud. Look for coverage on VoIP and IMS infrastructure, software-as-a-service (SaaS), wholesale voice, hosted and outsourced services, and, of course, THE CLOUDWe aim to provide you with unclouded thinking about cloud voice. But it’s not just ideas that we will share (there will be a helpful serving of that). Alianza isn’t a new kid on the block, our cloud voice platform has been up and running since 2009. We have an innovative approach to the voice business: we built the voice network, so service providers don’t have to; they can plug in to our cloud service and deliver profitable voice services to their subscribers using a SaaS-based model. That means no CAPEX and awesome margins.

So we’ll also be sharing best practices, experiences and cool technology. You’ll get to hear from our executive leadership team and the technology and development gurus too. After years of being in the box selling business, I am so impressed by this model; it help service providers migrate to VoIP with a clear business case.

Through sharing our observations and opinions we aim to make this new way of delivering voice services, the clear path forward for service providers.