Business Cloud Communications

Offer your business customers a better way to connect, communicate, and collaborate in the cloud.
Cloud Communications

What Is Business Cloud Communications?

It's an all-in-one communication solution that enables teams to talk, chat, meet, and share across their devices.

Business Cloud Communications is a robust and flexible communications solution that was built with mobility and team collaboration in mind. Customers moving from a PBX gain a range functionalities, including auto-attendants, extension-to-extension dialing, customizable calling plans, advanced call handling features, apps for mobility, and collaboration tools for team messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing.

Using our brandable Cymbus softphone app, service providers can extend their business identity and features to other devices — including smartphones, tablets, and PCs — allowing end users to take their work on the road.

Business Cloud Communications Benefits

It has never been easier for service providers to add a voice-first unified communications solution to their portfolios. Start a digital transformation today.

Eliminate Capex

Deploy remotely to any location or team without a white-glove approach with our cloud-based SaaS model.

Rapid Time to Market

Go to market quickly with remote deployment and provisioning — regardless of your customers’ locations, devices, or infrastructures.

Self-Managed Solution

Customers can manage themselves. Within minutes, a new hire can get chat, talk, meet and share.

Cloud Communications

Increase Stickiness

Bundle this all-in-one UC tool with your existing product suite to create a powerful base for customer retention.

Grow Revenue

There’s a clear market need for mobility, chat, and video conferencing — only 30% of businesses currently use UCaaS solutions.

Predictable, Healthy Margins

Monthly costs that scale with customer needs means your growth and margins are in sync.

Alianza is set to position Xplornet Enterprise Solutions as a leader in Canada’s business VoIP solutions market. Like Enterprise Solutions, Alianza recognizes that each business is unique with different requirements. That scalable, customizable, and easy-to-use features of Business Cloud Communications will allow us to deliver another valuable solution to our enterprise customers.
Robbie Zetariuk, Vice PresidentXplornet Enterprise Solutions

Business Cloud Communications Features

Whether your customers simply need phone service or want to add enhanced features for mobility and collaboration, Business Cloud Communications does it all within three tiers of service.


Voice Portal

Users can configure a variety of settings to customize their call experience with ease.


Add an extension or direct numbers in minutes. Cloud voice margins scale in-step with your customers’ needs.

Disaster Failover Plan

Safeguard against outages and customer downtime — instant forwarding keeps calls connected. 


Create a group or set up a queue to route calls the way your customers want in a simple, intuitive interface.


Desktop & Mobile Apps

Your customers can utilize smartphones, tablets, and PCs — without moving to an all-IP system.

Instant Messaging

Group and private chats and 1:1 messaging enable virtual workers to connect and engage more effectively.

Advanced Provisioning

Within minutes of joining, an end user can get their own phone number, download the app, and sign in.


Determine a user’s online availability at a glance — available, busy, away, and more.


Video & Audio Conferences

Virtual meeting rooms with video, audio, screen sharing, robust host controls, and external guest access.

Screen Sharing & Presenting

Share a screen one-on-one or invite multiple people to view in a virtual collaboration room.

Meet on any Device, Anywhere

Host or present on any device with the Cymbus desktop and mobile app or a web browser.

Secure Meetings

All sessions are encrypted for advanced security — ensuring no unwanted guests.

Alianza has afforded us many opportunities with their IP phone integration and the Business Cloud Communications Auto-Attendant feature, none of which we had before. Alianza’s certified device list makes it easier to migrate customers over from companies like RingCentral and lets us compete with large service providers.
Wendy Hartman, General ManagerAdams Cable Service

Cymbus Brand for Service Providers

Alianza created Cymbus, a separate end user technology brand for you to leverage as your own.
Alianza is for service providers and Cymbus is for end users.

Branded Apps

Market-ready Cymbus desktop and mobile application ready to be used by your customers.

Voice Portal

Users can self-manage their voice services and customize call features online.


Get to market quicker with ready-to-customize and sales enablement resources.

Help Center

We've built the Cymbus Help Center you can direct your customers to.


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