Broadband Success Partners Outlines Voice Network Evolution Path for CSPs

By: Kevin Mitchell on July 9th, 2020

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Broadband Success Partners Outlines Voice Network Evolution Path for CSPs

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Broadband Success Partners, in partnership with Alianza, has published a new white paper: Service Provider (R)evolution: Switch to Cloud Communications Platform. The paper explores how service providers can ditch the switch and use a cloud communications platform to be better prepared to succeed in this next decade of VoIP and UC. 

The paper comes at the perfect time now that VoIP 1.0 infrastructure is end-of- life and the softswitch vendor landscape has drastically changed from M&A. . As significant shifts in technology—including the transition to IP voice and the prevalence of mobile wireless—impacts telecom networks, the costs and complexities of maintaining softswitch infrastructure is increasingly difficult to justify.

A cloud communications platform represents an attractive alternative that is more flexible and scalable than VoIP 1.0 equipment, vastly simpler to manage, and provides an agile, future-proof feature set. Read the white paper to learn more about these benefits and how you can get started in moving your VoIP and unified communications infrastructure to the cloud.

Broadband Success Partners is a consultancy helping the broadband ecosystem—service providers, vendors, and investors—with technology, operations, finance, and go-to-market needs. The firm is headed by two cable industry veterans: David Strauss and Jack Burton.

Jack, the author of this paper, brings his informed perspective as a leading VoIP architect and builder of one of the largest cable VoIP networks in the U.S. He's held senior positions at Altice, Cablevision, and Lightpath and served as Chairman of the CableLabs PacketCable Certification Board.

Writing about cloud communications platforms as a solution to replace outdated legacy infrastructure, Jack noted:

"As someone who was enmeshed in the complexity of selecting, installing, operating, and maintaining softswitches for many years, I’m relieved to have found a way to lift this burden from service providers at a time when it’s most welcome.”

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After 8 years leading marketing at Alianza, Kevin Mitchell is now Vice President of Alliances & Partners, helping the ecosystem come together to delight CSP customers with cloud communications.