By: Kevin Mitchell on March 20th, 2018

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ETI Software and Alianza Simplify VoIP Management

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ETI Software Solutions announced the support and integration with Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform providing a simplified operational environment for VoIP service management.

Our focus on API-driven automation eliminates swivel chair data entry, emailing spreadsheets and other error-prone manual processes. The latest result of that focus is our partnership with ETI Software. If you have ETI’s Vision360 you can now integrate our platforms and simplify customer onboarding and service activation for VoIP services. This integration is deployed in a live environment with a joint broadband operator customer.

This back-office integration continues our legacy helping our customers reduce cost (the ongoing operational costs have a big TCO impact), facilitate growth and provide a better experience to end customers.

Contact us to talk about the ETI use cases and how we can streamline your VoIP operations.


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Kevin Mitchell is Alianza's Vice President of Marketing. He once penned analyst reports and marketed VoIP gear but now he is infatuated with transforming voice from the cloud.