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By: Kevin Mitchell on June 2nd, 2014

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Vyve Broadband Picks Cloud Voice Platform to Power Next Gen VoIP

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Last week we announced that Vyve Broadband selected Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform to power its next generation cable voice services. Vyve is a Top 25 MSO in the US (formerly known as BCI Broadband) and has established rapidly itself through acquisitions of systems from Allegiance Communications and Mediastream. Vyve aims to deliver a compelling bundle of services combined with excellent customer experience to largely underserved markets.

We are providing Vyve a comprehensive and fully hosted VoIP solution that is reduces total cost of ownership significantly compared to the previous solution (through a combination of our SaaS success-based OPEX model and improved operational efficiency) and enables new voice services and revenue growth. Our solution is delivered in partnership with Level 3 Communications as part of the Level 3 Carrier Cloud Voice Solution. Level 3 is delivering the critical CLEC, IP transport and PSTN interconnection capabilities based on its nationwide and highly reliable voice network.

This is significant as it showcases a cable provider adopting the emerging solution category, cloud voice platform, to power cable VoIP 2.0. Alianza has helped ISPs deliver voice (such as Clearwire and ViaSat) for the past 5 years and now cable operators are turning to cloud voice platforms given the challenging consumer voice dynamics, aging networks and the need to be extremely agile in delivering new features and SMB voice solutions.

Three other noteworthy points on this announcement:

  • This is a great example of Alianza’s new EasySwitch migration program - with experienced services staff and great technology tool kit we are integrating in Vyve’s back-office, certifying all their eMTAs, training staff, developing some few features and migrating all subscribers in rapid fashion
  • We are providing universal platform that powers voice across all properties/entire MSO footprint (we are replacing 3 different legacy voice solutions) and enables both residential and business services
  • Part of the cost reduction is removal of manual processes, repeated tasks, delays in activation and swivel chair management by using Alianza’s API to provide integration and automated flow through with Vyve’s provisioning and billing systems and providing real-time validation for LNP via Level 3

Vyve solution diagramThe cable and telecom press found it significant as a way to revitalize voice for cable providers. Coverage included:


About Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell is Alianza's Vice President of Marketing. He once penned analyst reports and marketed VoIP gear but now he is infatuated with transforming voice from the cloud.