Alianza is seeking a full-time Voice/VoIP Engineer to join our technology team with responsibility for VoIP device (IP phones/ATA/MTA/eMTA) and certifications. As a thought leader in cloud based voice Alianza is moving aggressively forward into virtualized and next-gen voice. This position works closely with other VoIP engineers and the systems engineering teams to constantly innovate and improve the Alianza voice platform. This position has responsibility and ownership of all new and existing VoIP device certifications to ensure devices are fully supported and compatible with the Alianza Cloud Voice Platform.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to all aspects (process, policy and technical) of the device certification process
  • Continually improve the device certification process – faster, easier, improve quality
  • Ensure certification process is producing a quality experience for our Service Providers and their end-users.
  • Work with internal resources, vendors and our customers to ensure devices move through the certification process
  • Communicate clearly and frequently with stakeholders – raise issues early
  • Be an active participant of technology team – be vocal with ideas and opinions
  • Be responsible for researching and learning about new versions, features, hardware and technology advancements that will enhance VoIP deployment
  • Research and recommend innovative voice solutions, develop models and plans for improving areas of responsibility


  • At least 1 year of voice/VoIP/SIP, LAN/WAN experience, design and troubleshooting
  • Solid understanding of VoIP/SIP technology and protocols
  • Familiarity with VoIP monitoring tools (concept, functions, how-to perform basic tasks)
  • Basic IPV4/IPV6 networking understanding and skills
  • Basic SIP signaling and RTP debugging skills
  • Experience with modern IP phone features and functions
  • Experience using REST API’s to manage and interact with services
  • Experience with centralized device provisioning
  • Linux/Unix understanding and ability to navigate through a system, look at logs, write basic scripts, etc.
  • Highly analytical and detail oriented
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Pleasant Grove, Utah