Contact Center Solutions

Using Alianza's cloud communications platform, fiber broadband providers can launch new high-margin services to capitalize on the growing VoIP services market.
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Contact Center Solutions

What Is a Contact Center Solution?

Due to the shift toward remote work, many call and contact centers are increasing using virtual desktop interfaces to enable users to access their desktops remotely using their laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. VDI, however, doesn’t address the strategy of replacing location-locked devices like desk phones. Employees who are required to use desk phones to make and receive calls are unable to benefit from remote working.

Service providers who offer a cloud-native softphone app as a contact center solution gain carrier-grade communications and collaboration tools that enable their end users to adapt to business changes, scale as needed, reduce hardware costs, and more. 


Contact Center Solutions Benefit Service Providers

A softphone is essential to maximize the mobility of call centers — but not all softphones are created equal.

Future-Proof Endpoints

Desk phones stifle workforce mobility. Contact center solutions allow businesses to replace immobile, high-cost hardware with UC softphone apps to gain cost savings and the ability to adapt to unexpected business changes.

Increase Speed to Market

Avoid manual configuration and streamline deployments with centralized provisioning and management tools. Our complete go-to-market guides will help you get the word out quickly to jump-start customer acquisition.

Built for Service Providers

Our cloud communications platform is built with your needs in mind. Move away from fixed license pricing to solutions with on-demand scalability, always-on availability, exceptional quality, and proven technology to address market needs.

Advanced Mobility

Our cloud contact center solutions offer end users the same experience across desktop and mobile devices, providing businesses a tremendous opportunity to gain user mobility, increase productivity, and improve overall satisfaction.

Challenges for Contact Centers

Workforce mobility is a necessary part of doing business today. UC softphone apps offer flexibility at a lower cost.

Common Challenges

Desk phones stifle workforce mobility and limit productivity for remote workers.

Office space and device hardware incur high operational and capital maintenance costs.

Inefficient system call handling leads to wasted agent time, long call queues, and unhappy consumers.  

Single channel customer support for inbound and outbound calls only. 

The Alianza Difference

Alianza’s softphone app provides the same office experience on a desktop as it does on a smartphone or tablet.

Our OPEX SaaS model and broad portfolio of cloud-based products increases flexibility and replaces deprecation.

Seamless call server interoperability, feature-rich functionality, customizable calling plans, and more.

Omni-channel support with multiple options to integrate with other systems via API. 


Cloud Softphone Apps Benefit Everyone

Contact Center Solutions

Service Providers

Manual setup is obsolete with our streamlined deployment, simplified customer onboarding, and management tools. Increase your speed to market so you can bring on new customers and get back to focusing on your business.
Contact Center Solutions

SMBs & Enterprises

Superior flexibility and mobility supports increased productivity and employee satisfaction. In addition, organizations gain significant real estate and hardware savings with workforce mobility and endpoint flexibility.
Contact Center Solutions

End Users

Contact center solutions that include softphone apps allow employees to get the same experience on their personal laptops, smartphones, or tablets as they do in the office, which increases employee collaboration and desktop productivity.

Future-Proofed Contact Center Solutions

Our cloud communications platform provides you a better business model, lowest TCO, and faster time to market.

Ease of Deployment & Support

Remote deployment and software provisioning saves precious IT resource strain, reduces costs, and creates uniformity across user interfaces. As a result, issues are resolved more quickly and users get back to work sooner.

Increase Agent Efficiencies

Increase employee collaboration and desktop productivity with an all-in-one communication hub. The app's central interface removes the need for agents to move between multiple screens and channels to support consumers.

Seasonal & Agent Fluctuations

A cloud contact center solution enables your customers to increase or decrease seats as needed, so they can avoid long customer service queues during busy times and excess seats that hurt their bottom line during slow times.

Integration & Long Term Flexibility

It's not economically viable for customers to rapidly replace all of their telephony infrastructure. Our platform integrates with existing SBCs, IMS components, PBXs, VoIP switches, and more for flexibility and long-term viability.


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