Service Electric Cable TV Case Study

SECTV simplifies operations with Alianza's cloud communications platform.

Service Electric Cable TV


Service Electric Cable TV & Communications became the nation’s first cable television company in 1948 and is now a group of affiliated cable television companies serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Key Challenges

Service Electric Cable TV & Communications sought to transition away from their current voice provider, whose strict control over the platform created substantial delays for customers when activating and porting lines. SECTV was “never allowed to make an order,” which created a bottleneck for onboarding new customers and often required repeating processes “two or three times in order to get a customer installed,” resulting in a negative customer experience.

By the fall of 2017, SECTV had lost its confidence in their current voice provider. They simply “didn’t want to release any of the responsibility,” said Craig M. Brady, Voice Services Manager for Service Electric Cable TV & Communications.

[Cisco, BroadSoft solution, GENBAND, and several other vendors’ softswitch] end user pricing was more expensive than SECTV’s retail pricing.
Craig M. Brady, Voice Services ManagerService Electric Cable TV & Communications

Goals & Requirements

SECTV evaluated Cisco, BroadSoft, GENBAND, and several other softswitch vendors, but their end user pricing was more expensive than SECTV’s retail pricing, making them untenable. And when Blue Ridge Communications left Sprint, Sprint suggested SECTV look at Alianza for a replacement platform.

With considerable local competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers and a noticeable acceleration of customer expectations, SECTV sought a future-forward platform with the following requirements:

Leverage their local presence as a key differentiator
Increase their speed-to-market and enhance their growth
Stave off infringing competition
Level the playing field against OTT competitors
Remove the burden of working through a third-party to activate services
Provide interoperability with SECTV’s in-house Unix billing platform
Service Electric Cable TV
Service Electric Cable TV

Alianza's Solution Components

Cloud Hosted PBX

Cost Savings. “[Alianza’s] cost versus Ironton’s cost was significantly different,” said Craig M. Brady, Voice Services Manager for SECTV

Self-Managed Solution. Automatic distribution of new software updates are managed by Alianza — instantly deploying new features to your customers.

Customizability. Centralized cloud-based management allows IT administrators to tailor for any VoIP environment and to instantly deploy new features to all users.

SIP Trunking

Self-Maintained. In-house technical expertise or personnel are used to deploy the initial PRI and its equipment. No technical personnel are needed to maintain the SIP PRI service, meaning happier customers with less effort.

Recurring Cost Savings. A SIP trunk takes the place of the several traditional business lines. Customers gain predicable billing and recurring savings for their entire system.

Ease of Use. “When I make the SIP trunk . . . it registers, and the only thing we have to do is determine how many digits to send to the customer on their PRI. It’s been very, very successful.”

“I pick my phone up, I stand in front of the customer, and I say, ‘Mr. Customer, would you like more pathways in your SIP trunk?’ And I can do it on my phone in front of them and say, ‘Okay, it's done, Mr. Customer. We'll follow up with a work order.’ You don’t get that with anybody else. I can literally fix stuff in front of them. Whether it is a software problem, or a configuration problem, while I'm standing there. And more than one customer asked, ‘You can do that?’”
Craig M. Brady, Voice Services ManagerService Electric Cable TV & Communications

Why Alianza Works for SECTV

The really cool thing about having VoIP with Alianza is that they are the ones working on the solution development,” said Craig M. Brady, Voice Services Manager of Service Electric Cable TV & Communications. “Rather than Alianza nickel and diming its customers, they see that every new feature will benefit the broader customer base and allows service providers to serve more people. And that’s a really significant difference between the old traditional TDM industry and the VoIP industry.”

In comparison, phone companies “like Ribbon Commutations have to pay off the development costs of new features and functionality of a Nortel DMS switch. So when a new feature is available, it’s an additional cost.” The Alianza suite affords SECTV to offer new features and functionality to their end users a no cost “because Alianza doesn’t charge us.” As new features are developed, they are delivered in a continuous, non-disruptive fashion, so service providers can focus on taking their business to new heights.

In addition, with Alianza’s full-stack cloud communications platform, SECTV is reaching a larger customer base within their footprint and are “installing [net-new services] as fast as is humanly possible.”

Service Electric Cable TV

Benefits of Alianza's Cloud Model

Leverage Local Presence

Alianza’s cloud communications platform enables SECTV to leverage their local presence and private network broadband assets to deliver a more secure, higher quality, lower cost, and more profitable solution than OTT competitors.

Complete Control

SECTV receives services directly from one of Alianza’s data centers in Ashburn, Virginia, which stays on their private network cable network and is delivered directly to end users. SECTV controls the bandwidth, and quality of service with “no OTT problems.”

Eliminate Growth Bottlenecks

Alianza’s product and platform agility enabled SECTV to install the customer the same morning they received an order. Now “all we need to do is drop by and plug in an MTA and hook it up to their voice lines in their house.”


Alianza’s powerful API suite enables SECTV to integrate Alianza services with their in-house billing platform. Integrated business systems and workflows are easier to consume, sell, manage, support, and bill.

Centralized Management

Alianza’s easy to use, intuitive portal enables SECTV to order, deploy, manage, and use services online with a user-friendly administration portal. “I find that it is much easier to implement services,” said Brady.

Radicalized Speed to Market

With Alianza’s SaaS pricing model and agile cloud communications platform, SECTV is able to win business and meet escalated timelines. “We installed the equipment on Monday, and we turned up the service on Tuesday — and that included porting.”

Technology partners play a key role in how we positively impact the communities we serve. Through our Alianza partnership, we have a stronger solution to continue that tradition. We now have a more simplified operating environment and an agile product suite that can adapt to our customers’ needs along with the best economics.
John Walson, PresidentService Electric Cable TV & Communications

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