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Devices Policy

Customer shall purchase Devices directly from third-party vendors. Alianza reserves the right to modify its support of such Devices and/or upgrade the firmware on certified Devices from time to time as dictated by customer requests, market dynamics, and internal life cycle policies. Any Customer requests for expedited Device and or firmware upgrades shall be considered a Professional Services request, subject to an SOW. Customer acknowledges that Devices and firmware are certified by Alianza without any warranty of any kind with regard to the Device hardware or software, and Alianza shall not have any responsibility or liability to Customer in connection with Devices, hardware or software. Customer acknowledges that delays in the certification process due to delayed communication by Customer or any third-party Device manufacturer could negatively impact Alianza’s ability to perform its obligations in a timely manner.

Device Certification Definition

  • As a VoIP provider, the primary end-user interface is the device. Devices are hardware or software that enable an end-user to place or receive a call.
  • Device certification strategy, policies, and processes are used to empower Alianza to present a unified, clear, and strong stance on how we support and certify devices on the platform.  This will allow Alianza to deliver a best-in-class end-user device experience by focusing certification on devices that we can be successful with.

Certified Devices Policy

Alianza’s Platform Certified devices have been fully vetted to provide the best functionality and interoperability with our Cloud Communications Platform, but they aren’t your only option. We want you to choose the best devices for your customers.

To guide your decision-making process, we offer four levels of certification:

  • Platform Certified: Ideal functionality and interoperability with the Alianza platform. We actively work with device manufacturers to maintain synergies.These are considered the ‘top tier’ in that we maintain and develop this list of devices to ensure we have a product solution that fits the needs of all of our service providers and their end-users. These devices are provisioned by Alianza, certified by our Device Operations team to ensure all features and functionality interoperate with the Alianza platform and keep them up to date with the current firmware and feature set. Alianza has relationships with the manufacturers of these devices that we work with to address issues and/or features where we are able. We provide full-tier support for all devices in this category.
  • Platform Supported: Devices with satisfactory interoperability with the Alianza platform feature or have reached manufacturer EOS or EOL.Devices in this classification are also provisioned by Alianza and in most cases were once considered certified. The majority of devices in this classification have been announced as end of life and/or end of sale by the manufacturer which limits our ability to address issues that may arise. Alianza will not guarantee interoperability with new platform features on these devices due to the level of manufacturer support available but will support new features if they happen to work on these devices. An exception can be made in cases where there is a non-technical reason to allow a device to be classified here – knowing that it does not interoperate with all Alianza Cloud Communications Platform features such that it is supported with a limited feature set. We provide support on these devices up to the last supported firmware and feature set.
  • Customer Supported: Alianza provides the SIP credentials for the customer to provision and manage the devices themselves. This includes all third-party and self-provisioned devices.If a customer is unable to select an Alianza Certified Device, we provide them a path forward to use a device that is not certified with the Service Provider Device Evaluation Policy  process. This includes all third-party and self-provisioned devices.
  • Unsupported: Devices that have reached EOL or have the potential to cause instabilities or other problems on our platform. Devices in this category can continue to be used and provisioned as-is, but Alianza will not provide future configuration support.This classification is reserved for devices that have reached Hardware End of Life, have the potential to cause instabilities or other problems on our platform, or are devices that Alianza has declined to certify and isn’t customer supported.

Alianza provides a different level of support for each certification category.

  • Review detailed device list
  • Review certified-level of support
  • What Type of Device Is Best?

All devices will eventually reach their natural end of life. We want you to be prepared.

  • End Of Life Milestones: End of Sale and End of Manufacture Software Support
  • Life Cycle Change Notifications
  • When Should I Changes Devices?