Transforming Business Communications with Next Generation Cloud Voice Platform from Alianza

August 28, 2017

What service providers need right now is a virtualized software solution to assist them in creating a scalable and cost-efficient voice platform that can transform communications delivery and accelerate business innovation and growth. Enter the solution: Cloud Voice Platforms.

VoIP Services Boost Broadband Revenues

August 1, 2017

At Alianza, we say: “Got Fiber? You need VoIP!” We say this because many new ISPs are entering the market without a background in voice, and there’s great opportunity for them to grow revenue, accelerate ROI and deliver a better customer experience with a phone service portfolio.

Fiber-to-the-home leaders and innovators for 2017

August 1, 2017

With the FTTH Top 100 list Broadband Communities magazine recognizes organizations that are leading the way in building a fiber-connected world.

Alianza Scores with Service Electric, Eagle

July 21, 2017

Eagle Communications and Service Electric Cable TV & Communications have selected Alianza's Cloud Voice Platform for their VoIP telephony services. Both operators are migrating from legacy hosted softswitch solutions to a cloud solution to support both residential and business services.

BARC Connects Selects Alianza VoIP Solution

May 10, 2017

BARC Connects, a broadband subsidiary of Virginia-based BARC Electric Cooperative, has selected Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform to launch a full suite of residential and commercial phone services.

Electric Co-op Broadband Providers Embrace Cloud Voice Services

February 28, 2017

Electric cooperative telecom initiatives gained further momentum with the news that four electric co-op broadband providers would offer voice services using a cloud-based solution from Alianza.

Alianza Launches VoIP Services For Fiber ISPs; Wins New Customers

February 27, 2017

Co-Mo Connect, Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative, NEXT, powered by North Arkansas Electric Cooperative, and OzarksGo have selected Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform to power phone services over their growing fiber broadband networks.

Indie Cable Ops Get Cloud

February 17, 2017

NCTC members Adams Cable and Service Electric Cablevision integrated an advanced cable VoIP solution from Alianza, a cloud voice platform provider.

Service Electric Cablevision, Adams Cable Deploy Alianza’s VoIP 2.0 Solution

February 16, 2017

Two National Cable Television Cooperative members, Adams Cable and Service Electric Cablevision, have picked Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform for their next-generation cable VoIP solution.

Service Electric, Adams Cable Pick Alianza VoIP

February 16, 2017

Adams Cable and Service Electric Cablevision have selected Alianza's Cloud Voice Platform. The virtualized software VoIP solution is designed to support residential phone and business communication services, and also to provide a platform for growth and launching new business services.

Alianza Updates Cloud Voice Platform

July 27, 2016

Alianza uses its cloud-based communications software to allow telecommunications service providers to offer a stable connection to VoIP and UC to their end users. This week, it announced numerous updates to that platform to update its usability and efficiency.

Alianza Upgrades Cloud VoIP Platform

July 25, 2016

Alianza has upgraded its residential and business VoIP solution portfolio for service providers. The company says the new features have been deployed over the course of 2016 with a continuous and nondisruptive release process.

Report: Two Paths Emerging for Voice Network Virtualization

July 21, 2016

Service providers increasingly are looking at voice network virtualization, according to new research conducted by Heavy Reading for Alianza and Level 3 Communications.

Alianza Cloud VoIP Deploying in Canada

December 15, 2015

Canadian rural broadband provider Xplornet Communications has selected Alianza's Cloud Voice Platform VoIP solution to power its new Xplornet Home Phone service. 

Xplornet Selects Alianza’s Cloud VoIP Solution for Home Phones

December 15, 2015

Canadian rural wireless broadband specialist Xplornet Communications has selected Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform VoIP solution as the basis of its new Xplornet Home Phone service.

Alianza Hosted NFV VoIP Solution

September 27, 2015

VoIP solutions are nearing the end of life, but NFV alone is not a fix due to deployment costs, risky business cases, and operational complexity. An alternative to building out a next-generation NFV-based voice network is the Alianza Hosted NFV VoIP solution.

Alianza Exec: Cloud VoIP Gains Speed as Softswitches Reach End of Life

July 17, 2015

Alianza’s announcement that three smaller cable companies will use its cloud-based VoIP offering illustrates a broader trend. After deploying softswitches or using wholesale solutions five to 10 years ago, cablecos and others are finding that their existing solution is reaching the end of its life.

Smaller Cable Operators Dial up Alianza

July 16, 2015

Making further inroads into the North American cable market, Alianza has snagged three more independent cable operators for its cloud-based VoIP platform.

Cable Cos Switch to Cloud Voice

July 15, 2015

Some independent cable operators are switching from their aging VoIP platforms to cloud-based voice for their residential and business customers in order to lower cost and grow revenue with innovative new services

Alianza Scores 3 VoIP Wins

July 15, 2015

Alianza has scored three customer wins for its cloud-based VoIP platform with Blue Ridge Communications, SELCO and WEHCO Video.