Terms & Conditions

Network Connectivity

Alianza will work with Customer to connect Alianza’s Cloud Communications Platform to Customer location(s) using any of the following connectivity options. Alianza and Customer hereby agree to work together to define and execute a mutually acceptable project plan outlining the detailed implementation plan as soon as commercially reasonable. Customer acknowledges that Alianza’s Service Levels (as outlined in Alianza’s Service Level Agreement) do not apply to private connectivity circuits provided by third parties; including all associated hardware, cross-connects, and any other associated hardware or software.

Connectivity Options:

  • Public Internet
  • GRE Tunnels
  • Megaport
  • EPL

Customer Responsibilities:
a. Work with Alianza to define a mutually agreed upon architecture for high availability.
b. Ensure that the final architecture meets Customer’s redundancy and availability requirements.
c. Sizing, ordering, provisioning, management and troubleshooting of private connectivity circuits.
d. Customer premise cross-connects.
e. Customer is required to configure all Devices to connect to Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform utilizing DNS-SRV.
f. Testing and quality assurance.

Alianza Responsibilities:
a. Provide Customer with architecture recommendations and best practices.
b. Provide Customer demarcation location information including circuit handoff type.
c. Work with Customer to define mutually acceptable solution architecture.
d. Gather Customer requirements, document agreed upon solution and presentation to Customer.
e. Alianza premise cross-connects.
f. Testing and quality assurance.