Product & Service Descriptions


Voice and Unified Communications

Home Phone

A home phone line that includes basic dial tone functionality, inbound calls, outbound calls, call forwarding, call waiting, simultaneous ring, call screening, voicemail, and emergency calling. Only one Residential Voice line is permitted per account.

Cloud PBX (Legacy) 

Cloud PBX has been replaced by Business Cloud Communications.

Business Lines 

A simple phone line for analog devices. Includes basic dial tone functionality, inbound and outbound calls, including emergency calling, call forwarding, call waiting, simultaneous ring, call screening, hunt groups, and optional voicemail.

Specialty Lines

A bi-directional phone service intended to replace legacy analog plain-old-telephone-service (POTS) lines with basic dial tone functionality and emergency calling. It is intended to support end-user applications such as fire alarms, elevator phones, POS machines, and any other device that requires an FXO/FXS handoff to access the PSTN.

Virtual Fax (“vFax”)

A two-way, dedicated line, supporting email originated and received faxes for individual users. Currently available within the Business Cloud Communications, Cloud PBX, and SIP Trunk products.

SIP Trunking 

A SIP trunk for business use which provides PSTN access to a PBX. Includes basic dial tone functionality, inbound and outbound calls, emergency calling, and various failover and overflow routing options. Can also be configured to provide local short-code services, and extension-to-extension dialing.

Business Cloud Communications – Standard 

The Business Cloud Communications Standard user license includes the following features: cloud-based PBX functionality, extension-to-extension dialing, multi-site functionality, custom call handling, voicemail, call park, presence, Virtual Fax, unlimited Auto-Attendants with call group and call queuing functionalities, and more.

Business Cloud Communications – Advanced 

The Business Cloud Communications Advanced user license includes all Standard features plus the following: two softphone licenses (mobile and desktop) per user, one-to-one and group messaging, instant file transfer between licensed softphone users, click-to-dial, and basic call recording powered by Dubber (stored locally or within Dropbox).

Business Cloud Communications – Professional 

The Business Cloud Communications Professional user license includes all Standard and Advanced features plus video conferencing and screen sharing.

Alianza for Microsoft Teams

An a-la-carte addition for any user with a subscription to Alianza’s Business Cloud Communications products, the Alianza Teams Integration enables the full suite of BCC features for use with Microsoft Teams’ native dialer. A separate Microsoft Teams Phone System license purchased from Microsoft directly is required for each user.

Dubber Recording

An a-la-carte addition for any user with a subscription to Alianza’s Business Cloud Communications Advanced or Professional products, the Alianza Dubber Call Recording integration provides access to world-class call recording features, including data privacy compliance, pause-and-resume recording, information tagging, a workspace web application, single and bulk recording deletion, single and bulk recording download, recording share, and more.

Dubber Unified Call Recording

The Dubber Unified Call Recording user license includes all the Dubber Recording features plus audit reporting, data export and unlimited call recording retention.

Dubber Unified Call Recording Insights

The Dubber Unified Call Recording Insights user license includes all the Dubber Unified Call Recording features plus legal hold support, advanced keyword search, AI-powered transcriptions, AI-powered sentiment and emotion analysis, and notifications.

Contact Center

The Contact Center products provide an omni-channel solution on a concurrent user agent basis that dynamically scales to meet the most demanding contact center operations.

Contact Center – Silver

The Contact Center Silver license provides inbound and outbound queuing, skills routing, basic IVR services, supervisor and administrator role support, and more.

Contact Center – Gold 

The Contact Center Gold user license includes all Silver features plus advanced IVR services and call recording.

Contact Center – Platinum 

The Contact Center Platinum user license includes all Silver and Gold features plus in-call surveys, workforce scheduling, appointment reminders, and more.

Carrier Services

All Voice and Unified Communications products require carrier services. If the Customer subscribes to Alianza-provided carrier services, Alianza shall provision the carrier services described below from its preferred vendors on the Customer’s behalf. If the Customer elects to source and provide its own carrier services, the Customer shall ensure those carrier services comply with the requirements for integration with the Cloud Communications Platform provided by Alianza and Alianza shall (1) direct all Customer provided carrier services traffic to end points as reasonable directed by the Customer and (2) shall transmit 911 address information to applicable third-party emergency service providers based on address information provided by the Customer or End-Users. All emergency services calls placed from a softphone on a mobile phone will be redirected to the native mobile dialer of the mobile phone for processing.

Local Number Portability (“LNP”)

The process by which (1) a telephone number is moved from one carrier to another or (2) a change is made to an existing telephone number type. LNP fees are waived for TNs that are ported-in as part of the initial setup and implementation project (if applicable).

Unprovisioned E911 Call

Calls placed from improperly configured or non-validated Subscriber Services are routed to a centralized 911 call center and then to the local PSAP, rather than directly to the local PSAP.

USA & Canada Bundled TN

Each USA and Canada Bundled TN includes the telephone number, Directory Listing, caller ID, CNAM, and E911 routing (some features may not be available in all areas). USA and Canada Bundled TNs include 600 minutes of both origination (from anywhere) & termination (to USA-48 states and Canada) averaged across all USA and Canada Bundled TNs. Overage charges, as well as all calls to destinations outside of the USA-48 States & Canada, are billed as Metered Services. USA and Canada Bundled TNs may not be provisioned in a way that aggregates multiple lines behind a USA and Canada Bundled TN (e.g. SIP Trunks).

Unbundled TN

Each Unbundled TN includes the telephone number, Directory Listing, caller ID, CNAM, and E911 routing. All calls (both in-bound and out-bound) to all destinations will be billed as Metered Services. Unbundled TNs may only be used with SIP Trunking Products and will not be provisioned to any other Product.

Toll-Free TN

Each Toll-Free TN includes the TN, Caller ID, and CNAM (inbound only). All calls associated with Toll-Free TNs are billed as Metered Services.

Metered Services

Metered services include Directory Assistance, N11 Services, in-bound and outbound calling, and other services for which usage charges are provided in Schedule A.

Voice Analytics Portal

A cloud-based application that enables monitoring and troubleshooting of voice quality. It provides network search tools and near-real time dashboards to assist support and operations teams in their daily responsibilities.

Business Text Messaging Products

Business Text Messaging – Standard 

The Business Text Messaging Standard product includes unlimited inbound SMS and MMS messages and up to 500 combined outbound SMS and MMS messages. Features include contact management, templated messages, schedule-based automated responses, and reporting. Designed for smaller businesses with low sending volume.
Limited to 1 user and 1 phone number.

Business Text Messaging – Advanced 

The Business Text Messaging Advanced product includes unlimited inbound SMS and MMS messages and 2,000 combined outbound SMS and MMS messages. Features include all Standard features plus keyword intelligent automated responses, message bots, multi-user portal, and scheduled campaigns. Designed for businesses with multiple branches and department-specific texting numbers.
Multiple users and phone numbers optional. 

Business Text Messaging – Professional 

The Business Text Messaging Professional product includes inbound and outbound SMS and MMS messages billed at a per-message rate based on message type. Features include all Standard and Advanced functionality. Designed for businesses with diverse, incalculable sending and receiving volume.
Multiple users and phone numbers available. 

Network Connectivity Products

The Customer’s use of the Cloud Communications Platform requires data connectivity between the Customer’s network and the Cloud Communications Platform in accordance with Alianza’s architecture recommendations and best practices. Unless the Customer elects to obtain private network connectivity, the Customer’s network connection will be over the public internet.

GRE Tunnels 

GRE tunnels to each of Alianza’s data centers using Customer-provided, redundant network edge devices.

Megaport Private Connectivity 

Private circuits to each of Alianza’s data centers provided through Alianza’s authorized vendor, Megaport (

EPL Circuits

EPL circuits to each of Alianza’s data centers using Customer-provided network equipment capable of BGP and of terminating private connectivity circuits.

CounterPath Products

Bria Enterprise – Basic 

The Bria Enterprise Basic user license includes up to four softphone licenses per user with cloud-based provisioning.

Bria Enterprise – Standard 

The Bria Enterprise Standard user license includes all Basic features plus messaging, presence, one-to-one screen sharing, and analytics/voice quality reporting.

Bria Enterprise – Pro 

The Bria Enterprise Pro user license includes all Basic and Standard features plus audio and video conferencing.

Professional Services

OSS / BSS Partner Integration 

Alianza shall consult with the Customer to interoperate pre-approved OSS/BSS partner solutions with Alianza’s APIs.

Custom Projects 

Alianza may provide the Customer with custom engineering, device certifications, API integration, OSS/BSS integration (with a provider that is not an Alianza pre-approved partner), rate center buildouts, etc.

Custom Branding  
  1. End-user portal branding including brand logo and color palette provided by the Customer. Not applicable to Bria Enterprise.
  2. End-user portal subdomain management wherein the Customer provides Alianza with the necessary certificates and subdomain to be used (e.g., Not applicable to Bria Enterprise.
  3. Desktop and mobile application branding including brand logo, screen images and color palette. The Customer shall provide Alianza with all digital assets required to build each application (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).
  4. Ongoing management of desktop and mobile applications including changes submitted by the Customer for the purposes of updating brand logo, screen images and color palette.
  5. Application builds and distribution to the Customer when software updates are made to the application for the purposes of feature enhancements and/or fixes. The Customer shall host the desktop application installers and submit updates to relevant mobile application stores (e.g., Apple’s App Store or Google Play).

Emergency Services

Emergency Services for Alianza-Provided Carrier Services

Alianza’s E911 emergency services facilitate the routing of emergency 911 calls placed from Devices located in the United States and Canada to the appropriate Public Safety Access Point (“PSAP”) based on the physical address currently registered in the Cloud Communications Platform. Alianza’s emergency services are exclusive of services offered by PSAPs or other emergency services response centers (which are considered Third-Party Services). Alianza emergency services support the calling of 933 for the audio playback of the emergency services address. NOTE: 911 and 933 calls placed from a softphone on a mobile phone will be redirected to the native mobile dialer of the mobile phone for processing.

Requirement to Register and Update Location Information

The Customer shall register a valid and verified physical location with Alianza upon original provisioning of each Subscriber’s service and immediately upon any end-user location change. The Customer acknowledges, and shall inform Subscribers, that the physical location registered will be the only location transmitted to the emergency call taker and that the failure to maintain accurate location information may result in 911 communications not functioning properly. When the Customer or Subscriber notifies Alianza of a change in the registered location, there may be a delay in making the new registered location available to route 911 calls and to advise the appropriate emergency call taker of the new registered location.

E911 Limitations and Restrictions

The Customer acknowledges that E911 service does not have the same functionality or availability as that associated with traditional wireline 911 services and is subject to certain limitations and restrictions including those described herein. The Customer acknowledges that it has been informed by Alianza, shall inform all Subscribers, and shall require all Subscribers to notify any potential end-user, that E911 service will not function properly for any of the following reasons:

  • the Customer fails to provide an accurate, verified and updated physical location;
  • loss of electrical power or any interruption to any equipment in the critical path between the Device and Alianza’s Cloud Communications Platform;
  • loss or interruption of Internet access;
  • improper installation or failure of a Device, or any other software or hardware in the critical path between the Device and Alianza’s Cloud Communications Platform;
  • suspension, disconnection, termination, or failure of the service to function for any reason;
  • the caller attempts a 911 call from a location different from the physical location registered with Alianza; or
  • due to technical factors in network design or due to network congestion there may be a possibility of a busy signal or abnormal wait times.
E911 Disclosure/Acknowledgement

The Customer shall require all Subscribers agree to an E911 service limitation disclosure/acknowledgement before initiating any Subscriber Services, wherein the Subscriber acknowledges that it understands the limitations on E911 service as compared to traditional wireline 911 service.

E911 Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

Alianza and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, licensors, suppliers, and resellers will have no liability to the Customer, its Subscribers, end-users, or any third party, and the Customer waives all claims and causes of action, arising out of or related to Customer, its Subscribers, end-users, or any third party’s inability to dial 911 or any emergency telephone number or to access an emergency service operator or emergency service. The Customer hereby releases and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Alianza, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, licensors, suppliers, and resellers from any and all claims, liability, damages, losses, expenses, or costs (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and costs of suit) by or on behalf of the Customer, its Subscribers, end-users or any other third party arising from or related to the failure of 911/E911 to function or function properly, Alianza’s provision of 911/ e911 services or failure to provide access to 911/ E911 services. These limitations apply to all claims regardless of whether they are based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, product liability, tort or any other theory of liability.

Provider of Record

The Provider of Record means the entity that is exclusively responsible for compliance with regulatory and tax registrations, collection and remittance of taxes and fees, and all federal and state regulatory obligations relating to the provision of services to each subscriber. Unless otherwise set forth in a Service Schedule, the Customer is the Provider of Record.