Product & Service Descriptions


Voice and Unified Communications

Residential Voice 

A home phone line that includes basic dial tone functionality, inbound calls, outbound calls, call forwarding, call waiting, simultaneous ring, call screening, voicemail, and emergency calling. 

Cloud PBX (Legacy) 

Cloud PBX has been replaced by Business Cloud Communications. 

Business Lines 

A simple phone line for analog devices. Includes basic dial tone functionality, inbound and outbound calls, including emergency calling, call forwarding, call waiting, simultaneous ring, call screening, hunt groups, and optional voicemail. 

Virtual Fax 

A dedicated line for inbound faxes which are sent directly to specified email addresses. Currently available within the Business Cloud Communications, Cloud PBX, and SIP Trunking products. 

SIP Trunking 

A SIP trunk for business use which provides PSTN access to a PBX. Includes basic dial tone functionality, inbound and outbound calls, emergency calling, and various failover and overflow routing options. Can also be configured to provide local short-code services, and extension-to-extension dialing.  

Business Cloud Communications – Standard 

The Business Cloud Communications Standard user license includes, but is not limited to, the following features: cloud-based PBX functionality, extension-to-extension dialing, multi-site functionality, custom call handling, voicemail, call park, presence, Virtual Fax, and unlimited Auto-Attendants with call group and call queuing functionalities.   

Business Cloud Communications – Advanced 

The Business Cloud Communications Advanced user license includes all Standard features plus the following: two (2) softphone licenses mobile and/or desktop per user, one-to-one and group messaging, instant file transfer between licensed softphone users, click-to-dial, and call recording, stored locally or within Dropbox. 

Business Cloud Communications – Professional 

The Business Cloud Communications Professional user license includes all Standard and Advanced features plus video conferencing and screen sharing. 

Business Text Messaging Products

Business Text Messaging – Standard 

The Business Text Messaging Standard product tier includes unlimited inbound SMS and MMS messages and up to 500 combined outbound SMS and MMS messages. Features include contact management, templated messages, schedule-based automated responses, and reporting. This plan is designed for low-volume marketing and mixed-use cases with less than 500 messages per day. 
Limited to 1 user and 1 phone number.  

Business Text Messaging – Advanced 

The Business Text Messaging Advanced product tier includes unlimited inbound SMS and MMS messages and 2000 combined outbound SMS and MMS messages. Includes all Standard features plus keyword intelligent automated responses, bulk messages, scheduled marketing campaigns. This plan is designed for low-volume marketing and mixed-use cases with less than 500 messages per day. 
Multiple users and phone numbers optional.   

Business Text Messaging – Professional 

The Business Text Messaging Professional product tier includes inbound and outbound SMS and MMS messages are billed at a per message rate based on message type. Includes all Standard and Advanced functionality. 
This plan is designed for high-volume marketing and mixed-use cases with more than 5,000 messages per day. 
Multiple users and phone numbers optional.  

CounterPath Products

Bria Enterprise – Basic 

The Bria Enterprise Basic user license includes up to four softphone licenses per user with cloud-based provisioning.  

Bria Enterprise – Standard 

The Bria Enterprise Standard user license includes all Basic features plus messaging, presence, and analytics/voice quality reporting. 

Professional Services

OSS / BSS Partner Integration 

Alianza shall consult with Customer to interoperate pre-approved OSS/BSS partner solutions with Alianza’s API. 

Custom Projects 

Alianza may provide Customer with custom engineering, device certifications, API integration, OSS/BSS integration (with a provider that is not an Alianza pre-approved partner), rate center buildouts, etc. 

Custom Branding  
  1. End-user portal branding including brand logo and color palette provided by Customer. Not applicable to Bria Enterprise. 
  2. End-user portal subdomain management wherein Customer provides Alianza with the necessary certificates and subdomain to be used (e.g., Not applicable to Bria Enterprise. 
  3. Desktop and mobile application branding including brand logo, screen images and color palette. Customer is responsible for providing Alianza with all digital assets required to build each application (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android). 
  4. Ongoing management of desktop and mobile applications including changes submitted by Customer for the purposes of updating brand logo, screen images and color palette. 
  5. Application builds and distribution to Customer when software updates are made to the application for the purposes of feature enhancements and/or fixes. Customer will be responsible for hosting the desktop application installers and submitting updates to relevant mobile application stores (e.g., Apple’s App Store or Google Play).