Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Voice-enable Teams without the cost, specialized expertise, or heavy technical lift
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

What's Alianza for Microsoft Teams?

Integrate native PSTN dialing with our robust cloud PBX functionality in the Teams app.

We’ve integrated our state-of-the-art Business Cloud Communications voice services with Microsoft’s industry-leading collaborative platform to give service providers a powerful, native dialing solution that allows their end users to seamlessly make and receive calls on any Teams device. 

Native Dialing Solution with Alianza's State-of-the-Art Voice

Don’t settle for an administrative ordeal and a clunky experience that forces most service providers to employ a third-party Microsoft partner to manage a Teams integration on their behalf.

Typical Teams Integrations

Slow Time-to-Market

In today’s competitive market, the typical 12-month deployment time frame won’t meet the immediate needs of your end users.


You’ll likely need Direct Routing integrations experts for the complex configuration of the voice calling and user policies, which can be challenging for organizations with limited technical resources.

Unnecessary Inefficiencies

In many cases, service providers need to define the SBC and PBX templates each time they register or transfer an end user to the Teams integration.

Heavy Upfront Investment

Competing integrations for installing Teams voice without Direct Routing have imposed upfront licensing costs of ~$10,000 for the first 100 active, concurrent sessions and another ~$5–10,000 in setup costs.

Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Enable in Minutes

Alianza for Microsoft Teams can be enabled and set up in minutes, so CSPs can take advantage of the Teams opportunity immediately.

Streamlined Setup

A two-step deployment to add licenses and sync. It’s that simple. Alianza has made Direct Routing for PSTN and PBX provisioning simpler by removing the technical burden placed on CSPs. 

Administrative Ease

Enabling the voice configuration between the customer’s Microsoft 365 tenant and the Alianza platform is a one time, two-step process.

Eliminate CAPEX

Our OPEX SaaS model provides business-critical financial freedom to allocate your funds towards other strategic ventures. Capture the opportunity cost of getting to market significantly faster with Alianza for Microsoft Teams.

Radically Simplified Teams Phone System

As a trusted platform for 200+ service providers, Alianza has simplified the delivery of telephony in Teams.
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Extensive PBX Functionality

Built with team collaboration and mobility in mind, Alianza’s Business Cloud Communications offers 100+ features, including fraud protection, blocked robocalls, unlimited calling, and an intuitive Voice Portal where end users have control over call waiting, schedules, forwarding, call screening, and more. 

Full Integration with Alianza’s BCC Platform

Simply add the integration to an account through the Alianza Admin Portal and identify the Microsoft 365 Global Admin user who will manage the integration. Communication service providers staff and the Global Admin will have a real-time status view of the state and health of the integration in the Alianza portal. 


Alianza’s Business Cloud Communications PBX serves as the central calling platform and routing engine for Microsoft Teams users, offering consistent call routing policies and proper management of user presence, metrics, and call routing.

Capitalize on Microsoft’s Growth & Success

Leverage the Microsoft brand to build a competitive “with Teams” offering. Combine our robust voice with Microsoft Team’s best-in-class communication platform for an offering companies can’t afford to pass up.
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Competitive Differentiation

Offer voice services directly within Microsoft Teams while avoiding the added expense of a Microsoft Calling Plan.
Alianza for Microsoft Teams

Huge Market Opportunity

About 190 million active Microsoft Teams users lack voice capabilities on their current Teams plans which is a sizable opportunity for CSPs.

New Revenue Stream

Win over Microsoft Teams users needing voice services to enhance their all-in-one communication solution and boost average revenue per unit.

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