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Business Text Messaging

Enable your business customers with a powerful communications channel

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Text-Enable Business Landlines

Grow commercial revenue, stand out from the competition, and deliver a compelling new communication service to your small and medium business customers. 

With SMS open rates are as high as 98%, it's one of the easiest and most impactful communication channels a business can use. You can unlock a powerful new communications channel for your customers.

BTM Concept

Deliver a Digital Transformation Solution for SMBs

In a few simple steps, Alianza-powered service providers can onboard and text-enable a business customer.

The market demand and use cases are clear: SMBs will embrace this service as it helps them strengthen customer relationships; streamline sales, support, and marketing interactions; and improve business outcomes.

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Key Features

This SaaS application enables a business to use its existing phone number to send and receive SMS and MMS with customers and prospects.

“Using Alianza’s cloud Business Texting Messaging solution, we are helping business owners expand their ability to engage customers. Our priority is to help local businesses succeed and Business Text Messaging provides a fast, reliable, convenient, and simple communication tool that our customers want, and we’re excited to launch this new service.”

Mark Masenheimer, Vice President
Blue Ridge Communications

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Start Growing Today

It's easy to get started with our cloud-based solution. It's easy for your business customers, too. No equipment or truck rolls needed. You can sell it anywhere, over any phone solution (even if you don't provide it). Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more.

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