Adams Cable Service Case Study

How Adams Cable overcame “a nightmare.”

Before Alianza: Challenges with Terrible Service Quality


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Alianza’s Residential Voice, SIP Trunking, and Business Communications


Adams Cable is a family-owned digital cable TV, broadband internet, and digital VOIP phone provider that offers superior communication services and an extensive solution suite with local 24/7 support and a 4-hour service window.

Key Challenges

Adams Cable experienced several issues with their previous voice provider. For example, to set up a customer with a new number, they had to fill out and submit paper applications. The process was so cumbersome that Adams Cable spent their own developer resources to create a hypertext preprocessor (PHP) clone of their Word app, which allowed them to create new number requests in a PDF that could be emailed to their provider. Once emailed, there was still a 3-day turnaround to process it. In short, the manual process required to create a new number resulted in massive bottlenecks, used precious developer resources, and had a negative impact on their end users’ experience.

In addition to the heavily manual processes and delayed turnaround times, “the quality of service was terrible.” In their opinion, least cost routing, which was used to traverse from SIP to TDM networks to handle traffic, was causing a significant number of interconnection problems.

Goals & Requirements

Adams Cable had two incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) near them, but due to these processes and outdated technology and infrastructure, it was very difficult to port numbers from the ILECs. The issues were so immense that one of Adams Cable’s end users couldn’t reach their own customer in the same ILEC. “It was a nightmare.”

Adams Cable needed a unified communications provider that offered reliability, superior audio quality, and responsive technical and customer support teams. Their primary goal was “to partner with a better provider,” so they looked for a solution that was more in-line their own network. Adams Cable needed a solution that would provide the following:

Fewer Manual Processes. Remove the burden of emailing individual PDF requests to activate a new number for end users, and remove the 3-day implementation turnaround for new phone numbers.
High-Quality Calling. Resolve severe call quality issues, such as those that prevented their end users from completing calls to nearby ILECs.
Improved Porting. Correct problematic interconnection issues that prevented them from seamlessly porting customers from other providers.
Reduce Technical Support. Decrease the number of end user support tickets to reduce the burden on Sales and IT.
Service Electric Cable TV
Service Electric Cable TV
Since we partnered with Alianza almost 6 years ago, we have not had one single call quality complaint.”
Wendy Hartman, General ManagerAdams Cable

Why Alianza Works for Adams Cable

Due to a combination of solution reliability, high-quality calling, and excellent customer and technical support, Adams Cable noticed an immediate impact. “A metal perforating company, one of our oldest customers, immediately noticed a call quality difference as soon as they picked up the phone.” Adams Cable recently extended their agreement with Alianza and continue to be a notable advocate. “Of course we recommend Alianza. With our past provider, we were a customer.

With Alianza, it’s been very clear from the beginning that we are a partner, which makes a huge difference.” With Alianza’s full-stack cloud communications platform, Adams Cable is able to leverage the interoperability and technology to compete with OTT providers, target and win new SMB business, save previous internal development resources, and reduce operational costs.

The Alianza suite “affords our SMB end users, such as a doctor’s office with 8 employees, the opportunity to appear as if their customers are calling a larger company. The infrastructure makes little guys feel like big guys.” Adams Cable, although initially tentative transitioning through their first migration, felt supported through the whole process — “training, support, everything was very easy.”


Solution Components at a Glance

Business Cloud Communications
BCC features remote deployment, seamless integrations, and modern calling features like auto-attendants, call groups, virtual fax, voicemail, and more. It’s a modern solution with predictable pricing for SMBs.

Advanced Provisioning

Within minutes of joining, an end user can get their own phone number, download the app, and sign in.


Add an extension or direct numbers in minutes. Cloud voice margins scale in-step with your customers’ needs.

Increased Opportunities

“Alianza has afforded us many opportunities with their IP phone integration and Auto-Attendant."

SIP Trunking
Customers can upgrade to the cloud and keep their existing phones by connecting their on-premises PBX to Alianza’s VoIP network. It’s an easy to use, self-maintained solution for happier customers with less effort.

Self-Maintained Solution

No in-house expertise needed to maintain it, meaning happier customers with less effort.

Right-Sized Flexibility

SIP Trunking resources are flexible and there’s no physical installation or setup necessary.

Recurring Cost Savings

A single trunk can support hundreds of simultaneous calls, eliminating complicated monthly bills.

Of course we recommend Alianza. With our past provider, we were a customer. With Alianza, it’s been very clear from the beginning that we are a partner, which makes a huge difference.”
Wendy Hartman, General ManagerAdams Cable
Cloud Transformation
Network transformation is a business necessity for communication serviced provider’s future growth and revenue.
Beware Significant Hidden Costs
Operating or building your own voice network is like an iceberg, beneath the surface lurks hidden costs.

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