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Partnering with Alianza for VoIP services has made LBiSat more competitive.

Before Alianza: Seeking Low Latency VoIP


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Alianza’s SIP Trunking and Business Cloud Communications


LBiSat is a leader in satellite communications, delivering voice, data, video and media services for customers in over 100 countries around the world — matching customer requirements with the best and most relevant technology for their application.


Key Challenges

LBiSat’s satellite-based solutions are used primarily in locations where traditional terrestrial communications solutions are not an option. Among its customers are government agencies, such as the US Forest Service and USAID, and large corporations within the mining, oil, and gas industries. LBiSat can also provide a hosted service for telephone companies and internet providers.

Since latency is an issue for all satellite communications, LBiSat uses iDirect hub technology because of its superior ability to support IP in a satellite environment. With this leading technology in place, LBiSat wanted to expand its VoIP services but also needed to be able to do so without compromising the high quality its customers depend on.

Goals & Requirements

LBiSat telcos and broadband ISPs in remote places like Alaska and many of their customers are involved in emergency and disaster recovery efforts. The nature of this type of work demands high-quality, low latency VoIP services, which can be a challenge for satellite-based communications. In addition to the critical need for reliable voice services, they saw a growing need for additional communication solutions, which was “challenge to find a single vendor who can do it all.”

LBiSat needed a cloud communications platform offering with the following:

Low Latency, high-quality voice offering
E911 compliance
DIDs “at a decent rate”
All-in-one VoIP communications platform
Billing and operation system integration
Service Electric Cable TV
Service Electric Cable TV
Many of our customers are involved in emergency and disaster recovery efforts in remote areas. The nature of their work demands high-quality, low latency VoIP services, which can be a challenge for satellite-based communications. Add to this a growing need for service beyond the dial tone, and it’s quite a challenge to find a single vendor who can do it all.”
Mike Lyman, Director of Project ManagementLBiSat

Why Alianza Works for LBiSat

Since the launch of VoIP using Alianza’s cloud communications platform, LBiSat is now able to offer complete data and voice communications solutions to customers. Their largest voice customer provides services to offshore and onshore oil drilling rigs. Because the company is growing so rapidly, they wanted to use a single platform for all satellite services, including VoIP communications. According to Lyman, “This customer was extremely pleased with the quick implementation and quality of service of the Alianza VoIP platform. Now that it’s a proven platform, they are adding 20 to 30 additional lines each week.” Beyond offering the ability to get to market quicker, LBiSat was able to leverage Alianza’s use of common application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate with its back office system.

LBiSat also provides mobile emergency response trailers to the US Forest Service. With deployment of the Alianza voice platform, first responders now have satellite phone service over the Internet during natural disasters. “Making phone calls and faxing over the internet is a huge logistical benefit,” said Lyman. “It should also save the Forest Service money, because we can start and stop service on a month-to-month basis using Alianza’s cloud communications platform. Instead of leasing a T1 line all year, they can initiate voice only during the fire season.”

Solution Component at a Glance

Cloud Hosted PBX
This virtual phone system features remote deployment, seamless integrations, and modern calling features like IVR, call groups, inbound virtual fax, voicemail, and more. It’s a modern solution with predictable pricing for SMBs.

Rapid Implementation

Our “customer was extremely pleased with the quick implementation and quality of service.”


“We can start and stop service on a month-to-month basis using Alianza’s cloud platform.”

All-In-One Solution

“Alianza was the only vendor offering high quality voice and a complete host of features all bundled into one.”

Benefits of Alianza’s Cloud Model

High Quality Voice. Alianza’s platform works with iDirect technology to deliver low latency and consistently high call quality. 


Application Flexibility. Alianza’s API allows LBiSat to launch voice communications services quickly and because the Alianza platform uses SIP-based VoIP, it supports many types of phones and CPE.  


Pricing Advantages. Alianza’s success-based business model enables LBiSat to commercialize voice services without investing any up-front capital expenditures.  


Scalability. LBiSat can add an extension or direct numbers in minutes. Cloud voice margins scale in-step with your customers’ needs. 


Remote Deployment. Capabilities are delivered remotely rather than through a copper-wire phone line, providing all the benefits of the cloud — web scalability, unrivaled service agility, and a SaaS model — to your network.


Built for Service Providers. We focus on making our cloud communications platform solutions easy to manage, easy to consume, and highly profitable for service providers. 


We found one company that could make us E911 compliant, another that could get us DIDs at a decent rate, and yet another that could do the billing. But Alianza was the only one that could provide exceptional voice quality, minimal latency, and Class-5 type services on a single VoIP platform. It was a one-stop-shop that enabled us to add a fully functional voice offering to our satellite Internet service — with no capital expenditure.”
Mike Lyman, Director of Project ManagementLBiSat
Cloud communication platforms enable service providers to compete with OTT players in an increasingly competitive market.
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