Xplornet Enterprise Solutions Case Study

How Xplornet avoided forcing thousands of acquired customers to an all IP-system.

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As the commercial division of Xplornet Communications, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions has been providing innovative broadband solutions to business customers in urban, rural, and remote locations across Canada since 2015.

Key Challenges

Throughout 2020, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions acquired Silo Wireless, F6 Networks, and CCI. Before the acquisitions, Xplornet’s business division focused on selling internet access, and now they had business customers who expected VoIP functionality. In combination with the rapid shift to work-from-home (WFH), they needed to acquire a VoIP solution with carrier-grade remote functionality.

Prior to closing the 2020 acquisitions, numerous end customers had recently invested in new hardware. To avoid creating a negative experience by telling customers they’d have to replace thousands of dollars’ worth of new phones, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions required a new offering that would interoperate with users’ existing hardware.

Goals & Requirements

Initially, Xplornet used third-party vendors for voice services, but it negatively impacted their margins and ability to provide technical support. In seeking to become a single vendor for all services, increase margins, and operate a platform of their own, they needed to make several large-scale decisions — fast.

Xplornet Enterprise Solutions sought a unified communications provider to support the following business cases:

Net-new opportunities. Many customers and prospects had directly asked about a VoIP offering, and their existing solution was not able to meet customers’ needs.
Interoperability. To accommodate recently acquired customers, Xplornet required a solution that offered a high-level of interoperability with a wide range of consumer devices, on-premises hardware, and legacy telephony infrastructure.
Remote capabilities. With a substantial number of customers and businesses that needed to shift their communications to a WFH model overnight, they needed a solution with an extensive range of collaboration features that are vital for remote work, such as video, messaging, and presence.
Service Electric Cable TV
Service Electric Cable TV
We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers, and Alianza's Business Cloud Communications definitely gave us that."
Donna Sagin, Senior Marketing ManagerXplornet Enterprise

Solution Components at a Glance

Whether your customers simply need phone service or want to add enhanced features for mobility and collaboration, Business Cloud Communications does it all.


Different license options give users the level of service they need and keeps margins in line with revenue.

Proven Platform

Xplornet Home Phone has been powered by Alianza's cloud-native platform since 2015.


A powerful API suite enables providers to create tailored communications solutions for their markets.

Quality & Savings

Work with a single provider on one data network with no up-front equipment costs.

All-In-One Solution

Everything is taken care of. By hosting in the cloud, there’s no need for an IT team to manage it.

Talk Anywhere

“Having the option to use the softphone app means users can take it with them wherever they go.”

Why Alianza Works for Xplornet

Alianza was a clear choice, not only due to their reputation in the industry but also as a proven platform for quality and next-gen technology, since Alianza had been selected Alianza to power their new Xplornet Home Phone service in 2015. Xplornet Enterprise Solutions selected Alianza’s market-ready, technology brand Cymbus. Cymbus is a separate customer-facing brand created by Alianza for service providers to leverage as their own. Cymbus became their own full-featured, private-labeled UCaaS solution.

Benefits of Alianza’s Cloud Model

  • Reliability. Xplornet’s division wanted best-in-class technology with a high level of reliability. They knew there was a proven market since their competitors were offering VoIP solutions, and more than a few customers had asked about it directly. With Business Cloud Communications, Xplornet was able to extend their brand identity and features to other devices — including smartphones, tablets, and PCs — allowing end users to take their work on the road.
  • Consolidation. By adopting a new VoIP offering, Xplornet migrated customers off the third-party platforms like Bicom and 3CX, thereby reducing their operating costs, increasing their margins, and decreasing their infrastructure complexity.
  • Interoperability. Third-party vendors were eroding Xplornet’s margins and impacting their ability to support customers. Alianza’s Business Cloud Communications accommodated existing customers on legacy solutions and new customers with various tech stacks, enabling Xplornet’s with the flexibility, scalability, and interoperability to accommodate future customer acquisitions, regardless of their tech stack.
  • Customization. Alianza’s cloud communication platform provided a customer-focused, “new and unique solution” that provides customizable options to reduce customer stress and make the migration as seamless as possible, without forcing them to move to an all IP-system.
Having the option to use the softphone on both your desktop, laptop, and mobile phone – users can take it with them wherever they go. Without losing the flexibility for businesses that still require a desk phone for a receptionist.”
Donna Sagin, Senior Marketing ManagerXplornet Enterprise
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