Legacy Softswitch Replacement

Our softswitch replacement isn't just a virtualized softswitch. It's a fully integrated, turnkey, cloud native communications solution.
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Softswitch Replacement

Legacy Softswitch Challenges

Service providers who rely on a legacy softswitch are at high risk of service interruptions and shrinking revenue.

Many telecom networks have a majority of revenue invested in their switch, but concerns about outdated networks, complex infrastructures, and rising maintenance costs are challenging in an already competitive market. Unfortunately, delivering a traditional voice solution requires costly network expansions and legacy hardware that is increasingly time consuming and expensive to maintain. Future-proof your investments and increase the monetization of your network with Alianza’s solutions.

Cloud Communications vs. Legacy Softswitch

Need a legacy softswitch replacement? Look to Alianza's cloud communications platform.
Softswitch Replacement

Softswitch Exchange

Exchanging an existing softswitch for a newer model can sustain providers for a few additional years. But with the rate of technological advancements and the rising demand for collaboration tools, service providers are more likely to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Softswitch Replacement

Network Functions Virtualization

Network functions virtualization (NFV) layers software onto existing legacy systems. While offering some short-term user benefits, service providers still face scalability issues and the burden of manual maintenance updates. In the long term, they are expensive, complex, and can’t keep pace with industry changes.

Softswitch Replacement

Cloud-Native Solutions

Alianza’s communications platform is cloud native. Unlike conventional wholesale VoIP solutions, our customizable, turnkey solutions leverage next-gen technology to bring all the benefits of the cloud — web scalability, unrivaled service agility, and healthy, sustainable margins — to your network.

Alianza provides us with a future-proof and extremely easy-to-manage solution. The pace of innovation, the cost of ownership, and the simplicity built into it are profoundly better than other solutions in the market. With this great partnership, we are in a strong position to grow with new services and better serve our customers."
Mark Walter, Senior Vice PresidentService Electric Cable TV and Communications

Cloud Communications for Your Business

Alianza’s platform is feature-rich and designed to provide you with sustainability, unrivaled agility, and high margins.

Long-Term Flexibility & Integration

It’s not viable to rapidly replace all your infrastructure at once. Our platform integrates with existing SBCs, PBXs, VoIP switches, and more.

Reduce Operational Effort

Streamline operations, automate key processes, and divert precious resources towards strategic ventures and growing your business.

Effortless Scalability

Scale as your customers needs change, with less work. Our pay-as-you-go model ensures your margins grow as your customers grow.

softswitch replacement

Increased Margins

Service providers can see an average gross margin increase of 54% by leveraging Alianza’s full-stack cloud communication solutions.

Expand Your Market

Target any range of SMB and enterprise customers with the infinite reach of cloud communications — without costly network expansions.

Fend Off Competitors

Protect your customer base from the competition. Enhance your network and expand your footprint by offering UC solutions.

Our Proven Onboarding & Migration Methodology

It's not just another project, it's a well oiled machine.

We’ve successfully migrated service providers from virtually every switching platform on the planet, so we know how to mitigate risk and move subscribers over safely. To show that your business and customers are in good hands, we’ll walk you through the measured steps we take to get to know your business before we execute or implement a single thing.

Migration Data Sheet
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