Why Alianza?

The transition to the cloud is the last migration a service provider will ever have to make. Seriously.

Transform Your Network & Accelerate Growth

Modernize Legacy Systems

Cloud-based solutions transform not only your cost structure, but also your entire business. Margins that align with growth means your capital can be used for expanding your network, not maintaining it.

Add High-Growth Services

Rapidly expand your solution suite by offering a broader portfolio of residential and business communication solutions — with lower upfront costs and ongoing effort. 

Simplify Operations

Automation, like remote provisioning and deployment, gives IT and technical experts back precious time and removes several layers including engineers, administration, and software maintenance costs.

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Our resilient, elastic, and agile cloud infrastructure lets you seize market opportunities and adapt to changing user needs across devices and locations.

We Make Network Transformation Easy

We are the only true cloud-native, carrier-grade communications platform built for service providers.

We’ll Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

With our cloud-native platform, voice becomes an application on your broadband network, enabling you to easily transform your network and accelerate growth.
communication service provider customers.
average reduction in total cost of ownership.
person team of passionate experts.
1.2 Million
seats under contract.

The Alianza Difference

Our UC applications, like our platform, are built so service providers can innovate quickly and address the evolving demands of their end user customers in a way that is easy to manage, easy to consume, and highly profitable.

Our Platform


Our cloud communications platform enables service providers to leverage their local presence and broadband assets to deliver a more secure, higher quality, lower cost, and more profitable solution than OTT competitors.

Customizable Interoperability

A powerful API suite enables service providers to create tailored communications solutions for their markets. Integrated business systems and workflows are easier to consume, sell, manage, support, and bill.

Private-Label Branding

Flexible, built-in branding options offer service providers the choice of whether to use our generic customer-facing brand, Cymbus, or implement their own branding across all end-user interactions.

Our Products

SaaS Model

Our OPEX SaaS model and broad portfolio of cloud-based products increases flexibility and replaces deprecation, which allows providers to grow revenue by delivering a superior customer experience.

End-to-End Ownership

We own, control, and develop our cloud communications platform to provide the highest quality solution. New features are delivered in a continuous, non-disruptive fashion, so you can take voice to new heights.

Built for Service Providers

We focus on making our cloud communications platform solutions easy to manage, easy to consume, and highly profitable for service providers, which results in services that resonate with end users.

Our Company

Mutual Success Mentality

Our Customer Success team is your competitive weapon. We are committed to your success and provide the industry’s best capabilities to onboard, deploy, and scale your operations.

Fast-Track Marketing

We provide extensive market-ready sales and marketing enablement materials to reduce your customer acquisition and asset development costs, and, ultimately, increase your speed to market.

Your Partner, Not Competitor

We do not compete with our customers for residential, SMB, or enterprise business. Rather, we offer full-stack cloud communications platform solutions for you to offer directly to your customers.

The Alianza Facts

Our success is directly measured by your success.

Our team of experts have supported 200+ communication service providers to supercharge their growth, reduce costs, and transform into modern tech-cos by transitioning their voice network to our cloud communications platform built specifically for service providers.

With Alianza, you’re not just signing a contract — you’re gaining a partner. Learn what makes us who we are, how we’re different from old softswitch vendors, and what it means for your unique business needs.

Migration Data Sheet
Alianza is uniquely positioned to help Lumen’s customers successfully navigate from legacy voice services to the cloud. In doing so, they are also helping us achieve our strategic revenue growth goals and differentiating us from over-the-top competitors.
Scott Velting, VP of Product ManagementLumen

Press ReleaseWe're Investing $200 Million in the Future . . . And That’s You.

At Alianza, we take innovation seriously. We're commited to making it easy and more profitable than ever to launch voice products, replace legacy softswitch networks, and expand your reach to new markets.

You’ll Be in Good Company

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