Top 2022 Trends for Maximum Revenue Growth

2022 Trends

To provide you these 2022 trends, we looked at the trends in telecom over the past few years, which have been accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, to give service providers guidance on how to meet their customers demand for digital services. Learn how your business can leverage these trends to maximize revenue creation streams, enhance digital capabilities, and increase market growth.

2022 Trend #1 — Budget for Cloud Communications

As C-level telecom executives tackle goals for the year, they will face an onslaught of priorities that range from the basic needs of regulatory compliance to higher level priorities such as network longevity and revenue growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses work and communicate, and the telecom world is now jumping to adapt. In this new world, we expect today’s telecommunications service providers will need to fundamentally change their current market positioning to survive and thrive in the years to come. This transformation will require unprecedented network innovation, advancements in revenue generation, regulatory compliance, and security enhancements which must be properly budgeted for. In addition, the network evolution must provide the flexibility to quickly develop, launch, and scale new services a broad range of for digital markets, including residences, small and medium businesses (SMBs), and enterprises.

Why Budget for the Cloud?

2022 Trends

Recommendation for service providers: 2022 is the time to double down on the right technology — cloud communications.

2022 Trend #2 — SMBs Are Primed for Change

Resilient companies that opened themselves up to change have survived the pandemic and are posed to thrive in the future. As uncomfortable as change can be, prospects and existing customers alike are more open than ever to adopting agile solutions that will save them time, money, and effort.

Trending Products to Offer

2022 is the time to double-down on your cloud communications offerings.
SIP Trunking

A single trunk can support a single call to many hundreds of simultaneous calls without needing to abandon their investments in on-premises IP PBX. It’s a low maintenance, high margin offering that elevates the customer experience and won’t stress your support capacity.
Business Lines

It’s an optimal choice for service providers to address small office needs and offer an analog alternative to small businesses. Gross of  65–75% and interoperability with analog phones and key systems makes for an easy migration and reduced cloud hesitancy.
Business Cloud Communications

An all-in-one communication with unparalleled flexibility for UI changes, feature configuration, branding, and remote provisioning. Plus automated upgrades, security, enhancements, and maintenance.
Cymbus Mobile & Desktop Apps
Remote working is not yet ingrained into SMB communication and collaboration needs. With our softphone client, your customers can work from any device — tablets, smartphones, and desktop PCs.

What Do These 2022 Trends & Products Mean for Your Growth?

High-Margins and Feature Rich

Gross margins average 65–75%, and interoperability with analog phones and key systems makes for an easy migration and reduced cloud hesitancy

Highly Profitable and Low Work

All these products elevate the customer experience because it’s a low maintenance, high margin offering that won’t stress your support capacity.

2022 Trends

Why Expand Your Existing Solution Suite?

2022 trends

2022 Trend #3 — Your Enterprise Growth Strategy

Give your customers what they want in 2022. We’ve looked at trends from the past few years, which have been accelerated by the global pandemic, to offer guidance on building your 2022 budget and growth strategy.

  • Cloud-based unified communications (UC) adoption is accelerating: SMB and enterprise buying decisions are imminent and on-premises systems are poised for cloud migration.
  • Customers want complete, integrated, and innovative service bundles — providers with partial offerings may get left behind.
2022 Trends
2022 Trends
2022 Trends

COVID destroyed many businesses and forced even large enterprises to reduce headcount and run lean on personnel. These days, businesses expect their providers to deliver on new subscription models that remove them from the restraints of manual processes.


Each of your prospects has unique requirements, ranging from branding to platform interoperability, end user features, and more. Increasing your cloud-based offerings provides flexibility that on-premises solutions cannot deliver


Companies that have embraced digital change have been more resilient in this pandemic. And in 2022, migrations off legacy infrastructures to cloud solutions are predicted to increase, giving those businesses added agility and flexibility.

In 2022, telecom leaders will be forced to evaluate their conventional on-premises investments and perceptions of long-term revenue streams to protect their businesses. We’re seeing technology firms shift investments and resources away from legacy technologies to excel in 2022 and beyond.

All companies, regardless of size, market, or industry must embrace this evolution with enthusiasm. A resilient company that is well set to grow post-pandemic will be characterized by its digital agility more than anything else. In 2022 planning, C-level telecom executives must address a plethora of objectives for the coming year.

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2022 Trends
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