Cable VoIP 2.0 – Cloud-Powered

Next week Alianza will be exhibiting at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo. Throughout the year Alianza has been investing in the cable market to help MSOs with their next-generation voice initiatives. Throughout our history, we have helped ISPs deliver voice (such as Clearwire and ViaSat) and now many traditional providers of VoIP are turning to the cloud given the challenging consumer voice dynamics, aging networks, and the need to be extremely agile in delivering new features and SMB voice solutions.

State of Cable VoIP

The North American cable voice market is strong—over 30 million residential subscribers—and maintaining share vs telcos and OTT in wireline voice. Plus there is significant potential for SMB growth:

There are over 1,000 providers of cable TV services in North America. Some have a long history of outsourcing VoIP. Some have built VoIP networks. The cloud voice platform helps both camps as many cable providers face some or all of the following scenarios:

  • Obsolete/end-of-life voice solutions that need to be replaced
  • Voice platform that lacks the features to launch new SMB hosted VoIP/UCaaS and SIP trunking offerings
  • Multiple voice platforms due to expansion and M&A resulting in complex operational and support models
  • Cost reduction initiatives
  • Strategic initiatives that demand IT, operational resources, and CAPEX

To address these challenges and initiatives, Alianza has built a cloud-based VoIP solution that allows cable providers to deliver services that customers demand with a clear business case and manage it simply and easily. Alianza has built this from the ground up using our own code and intellectual property; and we leverage the latest web and virtualization technologies (NFV done simpler) to create a highly scalable, extensible, and cost-effective VoIP solution. The cloud voice platform provides a single, flexible, and low-cost solution for all these scenarios. All without CAPEX and a reduced strain on engineering and operations.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

The cloud just makes sense and the benefits to outsourcers and builders are many-fold. By skipping that IMS build, and embracing cloud-based VoIP/UC delivery, cable providers can:

  1. Reduce total cost of ownership and provide a clear and risk-free business case with a success-based SaaS financial model
  2. Simplify voice operations through integrated systems, intuitive management portals, and powerful APIs
  3. Scale smartly with elastic networking, eliminating the busy hour overspend in the traditional “old-iron” or even the newer “software telco” build models
  4. Increase service agility – continuous innovation delivered via the cloud and extensibility of the platform means rapid service roll-out and ability to respond quickly to change (e.g., launch UCaaS, extend voice to new platforms, etc.)
  5. Focus on strategic priorities – free up CAPEX, smart people and IT resources to execute on high-impact initiatives
  6. Gain a future-proofed voice platform – always evolving solution available in the cloud delivering non-disruptive, continual enhancements

We have set out to transform communications delivery across the board: the economics, features, and manageability. Alianza is addressing the risky business case of VoIP and the complex management of voice delivery. It’s broader than end-user-focused innovation and cool features as our solution also delivers on the goal of business model transformation that service providers have long sought.

The time for Cable VoIP 2.0 is here and it belongs in the cloud.

Visit us at booth 910 at Cable-Tec Expo to learn more. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Not at the show? Read the FierceCable ebook: MSOs See New Era for VoIP.