CableLabs Demonstration: Easy Voice Management

At the CableLabs Summer Conference Alianza is demonstrating the simplicity of voice management with a cloud voice platform. While the economics and business model of cloud services are well understood, Alianza is demonstrating the ease of operations that cloud voice platforms enable. Cloud voice platforms provide real-time visibility and control that simplifies service definition, order entry, provisioning, and customer care functions.

We are showing how we can streamline operations via the intuitive and comprehensive web-based management portals and flow-through provisioning using APIs. This eliminates swivel chair operations, removes manual processes, and removes the need for CLIs and labor-intensive integration of management systems.

Power of Voice in the Cloud – Creating and Launching a Service in 5 Minutes

In the demo, we play two roles as the cable operator: product manager and customer service representative. And then we put it all together and make a call from the newly created service and account. Specifically, we walk through these steps:

  • Rapid service definition – playing the voice product manager we show the ease of defining a new product that is instantly available to market and sell. From the definition of a unique phone product, managing an inventory of phone numbers, to setting default values for commonly used selections, we show how a service provider might go to market with a customized product offering using the Alianza platform.
  • Easy account creation – playing the in-bound CSR, Alianza showcases the easy account creation process to bring on new subscribers. Entering subscriber information in just a few fields and as little as 60 keystrokes, we walk through how the few steps to create new revenue-generating accounts and instantly provision all core voice elements, and in real-time validate 911 addresses and kick-off LNP.
  • Service is live – to complete the demonstration, we make a phone call from the newly provisioned account using the service just defined minutes before.

While the title highlights doing this in as little as five minutes, we know you could do it even faster. This is simple, powerful, and the way forward for voice. While demonstrated at a cable event, this simple, intuitive management is relevant for every type of service provider. Want to see this live? Schedule a demo with us!

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Watch the promotional video on the demo: