EasySwitch to the Cloud – Solution for End-of-Life VoIP

Yesterday marked the 138th anniversary of the first phone call. “Mr. Watson—come here—I want to see you.” These were the first words spoken on the world’s first telephone call on March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell here in my hometown of Boston.

The technology that made that call possible has been made obsolete long ago. So is the technology that made telephony possible throughout most of the 20th century. So, too, is the case for early generation VoIP gear that was deployed in the last decade. The pace of obsolescence has accelerated. Equipment or hosted white label solutions selected just a few years ago may no longer be functional, adequate, or cost-effective. Vendors and suppliers are consolidating, trimming product lines or ending support of products designed in the last two decades. This is painful for service providers. It means spending more money and embarking on a disruptive process in order to offer voice with the right feature set and margin profile. It means funneling resources and focus away on other strategic projects.

That is why Alianza has introduced a new program, dubbed EasySwitch, that can help cable MSOs, ISPs and telcos successfully migrate from their end-of-life first-generation VoIP. We provide professional services and service credits to ease the financial and logistical challenges related to next-generation transitions. We are bringing together our experience, toolset, and expertise to ensure a rapid and safe migration to our lower-cost cloud-based wholesale solution.

Service providers may have a working network or outsource provider, but they may be unhappy with features, costs, quality, or support. This program can help in that scenario as well; we can move those service providers to our Cloud Voice Platform and make them more agile and better able to deliver the services their customers demand with the right profitability.

Like Mr. Bell we are inventing a new way to deliver communications. We use the cloud to not only change the definition of a voice network but also to transform the business model for service providers. Mr. Service Provider—come to the cloud—we want to see you thrive.

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