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Embrace DevOps and Cloud for Service Agility

DevOps is one of the buzziest terms out there and for good reason. To deliver on the service agility and “fail fast” goals, both technology and culture transformations are needed. Cloud, NFV, and web-scale technologies need a companion organizational philosophy for service providers to truly thrive and rapidly respond to market opportunities.

How the C-Suite Views Voice Solutions

I spend many hours talking with executives and senior leadership at all types of broadband service providers—cable companies, ISPs, and telcos. I really like to dig in and see what challenges they face, what keeps them up at night and what goals they are driving for, and how they want to improve their companies. For...

CableLabs Demonstration: Easy Voice Management

At the CableLabs Summer Conference Alianza is demonstrating the simplicity of voice management with a cloud voice platform. While the economics and business model of cloud services are well understood, Alianza is demonstrating the ease of operations that cloud voice platforms enable. Cloud voice platforms provide real-time visibility and control that simplifies service definition, order...

LINDON, Utah – March 11, 2014 – Alianza Inc., the cloud voice platform company, today announced EasySwitch™, an end-of-life migration assistance program for service providers with cancelled, defunct or obsolete VoIP products and wholesale white label solutions. The program enables a rapid transition to Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform and features professional services and service credits to ease the financial and logistical challenges of the move to a next-generation VoIP solution.