Introducing Alianza’s Full Stack Cloud Communications Platform

At Alianza, our vision is to deliver the world’s best cloud communications platform for service providers. Over the last twelve years, we have developed a proprietary platform that includes a robust suite of voice products. Last fall we added business text messaging capabilities to our platform through our acquisition of Message Hopper. Today we took another big step forward in advancing our vision by completing our acquisition of CounterPath.

With this acquisition, our customers will benefit from:

  • Award-winning Bria unified communications applications for mobile and desktop
  • Integrated cloud meetings and video conferencing
  • Mobile app development expertise and patented technology
  • A deeper team that shares our passion for customer success

Today, we are introducing a new concept: Alianza’s full-stack Cloud Communications Platform for service providers.

Full-stack is often used in software development organizations to refer to the components needed to create a complete application, focused on front-end and back-end capabilities. The front-end contains the user interfaces and the back end includes the compute, storage, and networking components.

We use this approach for our software teams. And we like it as a way to describe our platform’s products, how service providers control and administer them, and the underlying platform they’re built on.

Alianza is now empowering service providers with a powerful end-user communications product suite that includes: Business Cloud Communications, UC Softphones, Cloud Meetings, Business Lines, Business Text Messaging, SIP Trunking, vFax, and Home Phone. Our product strategy is based on agility and is resourced to quickly respond to customer development requests in order to ensure that we can keep our customers on the forefront of the rapidly evolving communications landscape.

The platform services built into the platform make it easy to onboard, scale, and operationalize deployments, including business intelligence and reporting, device provisioning management, and integrated carrier services. For end users, it is all easily consumed and scaled up via hardware (IP phones, ATAs & EMTAs) or software (apps & web portals).

The underlying platform core is a cloud-based microservices architecture built with scalability, flexibility, security and service availability as top priorities. We have taken the best of cloud technology and applied it to service providers’ communications needs in a way that creates unique value.

Our powerful API suite makes it possible for service providers to create highly customized communications solutions for their markets and integrate into business systems and workflows to make it easy to sell, manage, monitor, support, and bill.

Alianza is the first company to deliver all of these components from a single Cloud Communications Platform. Service providers that are powered by Alianza have access to a full-stack platform and product suite that enables them to compete and win like never before.

Using our solution, service providers can achieve two important business objectives:

  • Grow revenue and market share with clear product leadership for voice, unified communications, messaging, and cloud meetings
  • Reduce costs with dramatic operational simplification and ease of management

Service providers are uniquely positioned in the massive communications market, but they are often held back by legacy software solutions based on outdated, premises-based, 2000-era equipment that pre-dates the cloud. Service providers have the fundamentals to win—with quality and security controls, local presence and customer relationships—but they need to be more agile and broaden offerings beyond voice.

I believe that over the next decade, Alianza’s full-stack Cloud Communications Platform will help power the fastest growing and most profitable service providers in the market. Together we will connect millions of individuals and businesses in new, exciting and innovative ways. And by doing so together, we will make the world a little bit better place.

Interested in how we can help you? Contact us and let’s start a conversation.