POTS Replacement, Copper on the Out (#1 Service Providers Solution)

POTS replacement

POTS replacement is a forecasted trend for 2022, but it is not a tomorrow problem. In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) told telecom providers to begin sunsetting their plain old telephone service (POTS) lines, which has left service providers in the difficult position of either significantly increasing prices to maintain their legacy copper POTS lines or finding an alternative solution.

Many business-critical and life safety systems today still running on degrading copper POTS lines, businesses must select and deploy an alternative, modern cloud solution, which is most commonly serviced through their service provider.

POTS Replacement

POTS Replacement (What Telecom Providers Need to Know Today)

POTS replacement

Challenges Presented by Current POTS Replacement Solutions

Most business customers have at least one to two POTS lines that service business critical applications, such as alarms, elevators, security camera, or emergency systems.

Historically, certain applications including security alarms, gate access, and fax lines have run more effectively on legacy analog lines, which customers still need; however, unified communications solutions do not work well with analog devices. Of the POTS replacement options available to service providers, a majority are based on modems or VoIP solutions that don’t meet the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). How are service providers trying to solve their POTS replacement needs?

In vetting a POTS replacement solution, service providers will need to consider the following:

POTS Replacement

Cloud-Based POTS Replacement Solution

As providers decide the best way to move forward, most will select a digital or cloud-based POTS replacement for flexibility, scalability, and low CAPEX. Here are the top benefits of modernizing your customer’s business-critical communications with a cloud-based cooper lines replacement solution:

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Revenue Growth
POTS replacement

Single Solution Technology

Your business customers likely have an average of two-to-three POTS lines that support business-critical applications. A single solution offering would allow service providers to replace every hardline connection with a cloud-based line.


Cloud solutions enable service providers to leverage next-gen technology with lower costs, enhanced reliability, and simplified migration to digital lines while continuing to support analog lines.

Cost Reduction

With a turnkey, market-ready solution, providers can avoid large capital investments and eliminate unpredictable costs for ongoing maintenance, IT staffing, and training. Carrier-grade solutions typically have a flexible pricing model that delivers an immediate return on investment (ROI). If per-site pricing is available, end users can gain greater savings for multi-line sites.

Cloud-based POTS replacement solutions have countless use cases. It’s safe to assume that each of your business customers has at least one or two POTS lines that support business-critical applications

Many business end users will have some of these applications and want to get them off POTS due to costs or EOL notice. Here are the most common use cases:

POTS Replacement

Critical POTS Replacement Components

In selecting a POTS replacement solution, providers should consider the following:

POTS Replacement

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The Alianza Difference

Many organizations are nervous about reliability — Alianza’s new Managed Specialty Lines offering is more reliable than POTS and gives service providers a clear upgrade path for modernizing their customers’ business-critical communications.

  • Integration. Software on the gateway interfaces with Alianza platform, making migration to digital lines a hands-off experience for service providers. Ongoing management made easy with our intuitive Voice Portal.
  • Superior Solution. 10T multi-box devices are fully modular with built-in redundancy, removable components, scalability, and the latest chip sets. With a specialized analog telephony adapter (ATA), multiple configurations can be tailored for items like fire controls.
  • Decreased Latency. Unlike single box solutions that create an additional step in call processing, with Managed Specialty lines, it’s all done in the multi-box. Dynamic cloud-based architecture with no throttling and supports high calls per second.
  • 5G Connectivity. Competing solutions have older technology that aren’t 5G capable. With the 10T router, you can connect to the best network available regardless of its location.

Our POTS replacement solution is a fully managed, end-to-end, cloud-based plain old telephone service (POTS) replacement solution for service providers. With Managed Specialty Lines, communication service providers can quickly and efficiently address the expansive market opportunity to replace obsolete copper POTS lines with a proven carrier-grade VoIP solution to support their customers’ business-critical communications needs backed by an industry-leading technology consortium.

Developed with managed services partner Albion Ventures and solutions partner 10T Solutions, Alianza’s Managed Specialty Lines offering is built with best-of-breed components that includes the following:

POTS replacement
POTS replacement
POTS replacement

All Customer Premise Equipment is Included

All CPE is provided by Albion Ventures including an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a specialized 10T Solutions Gateway, and a 10T Solutions LTE router with an optional 5G router upgrade, to seamlessly connect with the best signals across multiple wireless providers and provide always-on primary or backup wireless connectivity.  Proven multi-box solution that provides better quality and easier management than other single box solutions.

“No Worry” Installation

Professional on-premises installation, project management, and coordination with local authority having jurisdictions (AHJ) and specialty vendors, including site surveys, radio frequency (RF) engineering, and CPE provisioning.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Management

Critical systems and devices are monitored 24/7 by Albion Ventures for incident, problem, and event management. Proactive notifications, hardware replacement, and technical support are included.

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