Retail Communication Solutions: A New Way to Transform Your Business

COVID has accelerated the way businesses work and interact with their customers. While 20% of the workforce around the world was able to move to a remote environment, retail was one of the largest sectors where employees still had to work in person.   

Now, more than ever, SMB and enterprise retailers are looking for solutions to optimize their communication channels to deliver a positive customer experience, whether it be in store, online, during curbside pickup, or upon delivery. This presents a sizeable opportunity for communication service providers (CSPs) to easily win retail business by offering robust unified communication and collaboration (UCC) solutions.  

CSPs who offer robust retail communication solutions set themselves up for success in the retail world. Read on to explore how a communication solution can transform your solutions suite and accelerate revenue growth. 

Clear Demand for Offering a Retail Communication Solution

There are numerous reasons for CSPs to invest in retail communication solutions, but the biggest reason is that their customers are asking for one. Here is a look at some of the most common reasons why: 

retail communication solutions

By adding retail communication solutions into their solutions suite, CSPs can offer SMB and enterprise customers compelling features that benefit their organizations in several ways: UCC solutions streamline communications to make information easily accessible and ensure employee efforts are not duplicated. In a world full of retailers, consumers prefer businesses that differentiate themselves by offering more than the usual customer service. They prefer retailers where they can check availability of products prior to visiting the store. They also like to have store profile information available across all channels for easy access and like to use their smartphones to reserve products at the stores.  

retail communication solutions

How can your company use this to gain new customers? Read on.

4 Ways End-User Benefit from a Retail Communication Solution

If you are still not convinced that you need a retail communication solution in your arsenal, here are several enduser benefits your business can easily leverage to win new SMB and enterprise customers. 

1. Increase Communication & Collaboration

Enabling staff to be mobile allows them easy access to information about product, price, promotion, and stock, enabling them to provide expert, and accurate selling. In addition to accepting payments from anywhere in the store, or remote locations.  These effortless transactions between customers and floor associates enrich the shopping experience and increase your potential for a greater share of their wallet. 

With front line workers making up 80% of the workforce , being able to communicate from anywhere is essential. Also, capabilities like video are no longer reserved for office work – With UCC, frontline workers in the field can better communicate on their mobile device. 

retail communication solutions

2. Easy Deployments & Centralized Management

New age, retail communication solutions often have an easy-to-use, intuitive portal that provides simplified customer management, powerful analytics, and enables remote deployment with limited involvement from the service providers support staff — making it easy to deploy, manage, and integrate with the IT infrastructure your business has in place today.

3. Connect Siloed Departments

Seamless communication, regardless of location or network provided, keeps departments efficient and end users happy. Retail communication solution connects siloed departments and makes collaboration easy.  

retail communication solutions

4. Advanced Security

Retail communication solution provides a safe and secure communications platform that can be used for collaboration and data transfer through a variety of encryption protocols and deployment options.  

A CSP Built Retail Communication Solution

At Alianza, we have a robust and versatile solution that can be used by your end users to increase productivity and collaboration. We do not compete with your end users for residential, SMB, or enterprise business. Rather, we provide a full-stack cloud communications platform solutions for you to sell directly to end users.  

With easy-to-use applications and cloud management tools, service providers can easily deploy and scale a business communication solution to meet the needs of virtually any SMB or enterprise retail organization. 

Explore what a great cloud communications solution will do for your business. 

Download our guide to ensuring future success and revenue for communication service providers. 

Justin Cooper