BlogVoIP BasicsSeptember 19, 2016by Rock Chi

Robocall Blocking with Cloud Solutions

The FCC is making a big push to help consumers combat robocalls and telemarketing calls. Robocalling is an awful abuse of technology and our telecom infrastructure. It’s time for us to fight back and block these robocalls with new tools.

Robocalls are currently the number one source of consumer complaints at the FCC. And this annoying and criminal activity is growing. Telecompetitor reported that this past August saw a new record set with nearly 1,000 robocalls (986) placed every second in the U.S., according to YouMail’s robocalling trends research.

Tom Wheeler writes that he sent notes to the CEOs of major wireline and wireless carriers to take action. Well, there are thousand-plus “non-major” carriers that need help combating this too. Action generally means investing in technology and processes to make this possible. This may be beyond the reach of a number of providers.

The good news: we can help. Alianza now supports Nomorobo™ for VoIP landlines. Service providers powered by our Cloud Voice Platform can promote this service that protects their subscribers from fraud, scams, and annoying unsolicited calls. Your customers can sign up for this free service that blocks residential robocalls and telemarketers while we take care of the technology on the back-end.

If you are a customer, contact your account manager so you can get more information on the steps you need to take to get set up and begin marketing this service to your end customers.