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Robocall Prevention: STIR/SHAKEN and Call Blocking

The world over hates robocalls. The telecommunications industry and regulatory bodies are taking action to combat them. Central to solving one of the robocall challenges is a new standard called STIR/SHAKEN. But call blocking is needed too, and there are solutions for that available today. Alianza is addressing both requirements.

The Experienced Way to Prevent VoIP Fraud

VoIP fraud is serious business and rightly worries the finance, security, and operations teams at service providers. And so we take it seriously with a collection of tools, safeguards, and policies that first aim to prevent fraud from taking place and then, secondly, mitigate the exposure should a bad guy get through. The limits we...

Look to the Cloud — Voice Solution for Fixed LTE

Yesterday we announced a new hosted fixed LTE voice over solution (VoLTE) that enables mobile service providers to further monetize their LTE spectrum with easy-to-launch and profitable VoIP services. This is ideally suited for the rural, regional and competitive mobile network operators (MNOs), but it works for any mobile operator that wants to add additional...