SECTV’s Powerful Cloud Transformation Success Story

cloud transformation journey

When internet service providers (ISPs) decide to foray into voice, it can be overwhelming and very complicated at first. In most cases, finding the right cloud communications partner to start your cloud transformation journey is the key. The ideal partner will not only enable ISPs to grow at their own pace but also help to remove roadblocks in the path of transformation and growth.  

Is your cloud communications provider holding you back from reaching your potential?  

What Drove SECTV’s Cloud Transformation Journey

Service Electric Cable TV and Communications (SECTV), pioneers of cable television, started their VoIP journey with a voice provider whose strict control over the platform created substantial delays for customers when activating and porting lines. SECTV had to contact their provider to enter in any orders, and processes needed to be repeated multiple times to get anything done. This bottleneck caused installation and onboarding delays, which negatively affected the customer experience.  

Over time, SECTV realized they needed better platform control with a voice provider who would be a true partner and enable them to delight their customers. 

SECTV’s Cloud Transformation Journey Goals

SECTV faced considerable competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers who offered bundled voice services and broadband. With the lack of platform control and constant acceleration in customer expectations, SECTV looked for a new voice partner that met the following requirements: 

    1. Leverage their local presence as a key differentiator  
    2. Increase their speed-to-market and enhance their growth 
    3. Stave off infringing competition 
    4. Level the playing field against OTT competitors 
    5. Remove the burden of working through a third-party to activate services  
    6. Provide interoperability with SECTV’s in-house Unix billing platform

Why Start Your Cloud Transformation Journey

Full stack cloud communications solutions come with a range of benefits that can help you get started on your cloud transformation journey and include everything you need to be competitive and accelerate revenue in a competitive market.  

Here are the top benefits SECTV gained with their cloud transformation: 

cloud transformation journey

Leverage Local Presence

A cloud communication platform enables SECTV to leverage their local presence and compete with the other OTT providers. SECTV can now deliver a secure, higher quality, lower cost, and more profitable solution to their customers.

cloud transformation journey

Radicalized Speed to Market

Due to the agility of a cloud communications platform, SECTV can install and activate lines in a matter of minutes. With no new IT infrastructure needed, SECTV wins more business and meets escalated customer timelines with ease. 

cloud transformation journey

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Cloud-based product and platform agility enabled SECTV to install the customer the same morning they received an order. Now “all we need to do is drop by and plug in an MTA and hook it up to their voice lines in their house.”

cloud transformation journey

Why SECTV Chose Alianza

Alianza is the only true cloud-native, carrier-grade, full stack cloud communications platform built specifically for service providers. We enable broadband service providers to offer a complete suite of residential and business communications services, including voice, video conferencing, collaboration, text messaging, and standalone UC softphones.  

Alianza supports a broad range of service providers on our platform, spanning fiber ISPs, WISPs, ILEC/ CLECs, satellite, cable MSOs, municipalities, and electric co-ops. By migrating to the cloud, our service provider customers can innovate quickly and address the evolving demands of their end user customers in a way that is easy to manage, easy to consume, and highly profitable. 

cloud transformation journey

Our Proven Migration Methodology

Successful migrations and cloud transformations require more effort, coordination, and subject matter excellence than most business leaders recognize, which is why Alianza’s team of experts are there to help every step of the way. They’ll work with you to understand your business model and use cases, set timelines, train your team, test devices, improve processes, and more. 

cloud transformation journey

Centralized Management

Alianza’s easytouse, intuitive admin portal provides SECTV with simplified customer management and powerful analytics that allows IT administrators to tailor for any VoIP environment. 

cloud transformation journey

Superior Business Model

Alianza’s service provider built platform not only allows CSPs to grow at their own pace, but offers competitive products that supports high profit margins. [Cisco, BroadSoft solution, GENBAND, and several other vendors’ softswitch] end user pricing was more expensive than SECTV’s retail pricing. 

cloud transformation journey

Continuous Innovation

Automatic distribution of new software ensures your customers always have the latest security updates, compliance measures, and next-gen technology — without the need for intervention and maintenance from your team.   As new features are developed, they are delivered in a continuous, non-disruptive fashionwithout additional costly hardware, truck rolls or network expansions. 

cloud transformation journey


Alianza’s products scale with your business needs. You can scale capacity and phone numbers separately to meet your customers needs and when it’s time to expand, adding capacity is easy, and happens in minutes, not weeks. 

cloud transformation journey
Looking for more? Read the full Success Story on how SECTV simplifies operations with Alianza’s cloud communications platform. 
Justin Cooper