BlogVoIP BasicsSeptember 18, 2013by Rock Chi

The Clear Choice for Voice: Service Provider VoIP Model

Last week Level 3 Communications and Alianza sponsored a COMPTEL webinar focused on a transformative approach to delivering voice services. In the webinar, The Clear Choice for Voice: The Cloud Outsource Model for Carriers, Level 3’s J.P. Gonzalez and I talked through the market dynamics forcing change and how the cloud can transform the business case to one that is clear and profitable while enhancing the ability to execute on other strategic initiatives. The archived webinar is available for replay and the slides can be downloaded from COMPTEL’s website.

Why does this matter? In short: the $76 billion U.S. fixed-line voice market remains largely stuck on antiquated infrastructure. In the face of price pressure and high ongoing legacy network costs, service providers must move quickly to reduce expenses and use the power of IP to deliver new services. The transition to VoIP has been slow (over a decade and counting) and at times painful—the capital expenditures and operational focus required can often destroy the business case. Service providers need to reduce the total cost of ownership, accelerate time to revenue and focus on growth instead of building and managing a voice network. Voice revenues remain essential but given market realities, it must be managed for cash.

In our webinar, we demonstrated how outsourcing to the cloud profitably transforms the delivery of voice communications in the all-IP world including:

  • Financial and strategic benefits to outsourcing voice to the cloud
  • Key cloud and carrier requirements for manageability and scalability
  • Providing a blueprint for seamless migration

You can read more about this in our white paper: Service Provider VoIP: Next Gen is the Cloud