Alianza Acquires CounterPath


Using our Cloud Voice Platform fiber broadband providers can launch new high-margin services to capitalize on the growing VoIP services market.


Grow Revenue, Boost Competitiveness

You have ultra-fast broadband with fiber to the home and business. Some of your customers will want voice too. Fixed voice remains a significant revenue source and you can boost ARPU by addressing this market that is rapidly moving to VoIP. You could see 20-50% penetration rates and 60-80% margins on a monthly recurring revenue stream that can accelerate your ROI. 


Complete Fiber Voice Solution

Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform enables fiber broadband ISPs to quickly get to market with an easy-to-manage VoIP solution to address residential and business voice requirements. No complex softswitch, no "me-too" white label. Our Cloud Voice Platform gives you control and simplicity to maximize your revenue opportunity.

Key Features

 Turnkey, managed, cloud-based solution

 Easy to manage with web portals and APIs

 Feature-rich services and agile, continuous innovation

Success-based, zero-CAPEX business model


Easy to Launch VoIP

Discover how our Cloud Voice Platform makes launching VoIP quick
and easy in this video.

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Got Fiber? You Need VoIP!

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