Alianza announces the completion of our merger with CounterPath and the launch of Business Cloud Communications

Telco IP Migration

You built your business on voice.
We help make it more profitable.

Migrate POTS to IP. Add VoIP to FTTH. Launch business VoIP. We help ILECs and CLECs do it all.

It’s Time to Upgrade

Voice remains an essential service for incumbent and competitive telcos. But your network today is in need of a big upgrade and virtualizing voice infrastructure is only one step. You require a rapid path to IP, an agile services environment to address residential and business solutions and a simpler operational model.


Telco Voice Transformation

Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform is a virtualized, agile solution for telco voice. Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform is designed to help telcos reduce cost of ownership, provide better service agility and build a high-margin, low-risk business case for VoIP and UC.


Powerful Use Cases

Our Cloud Voice Platform enables telco strategic intiatives related to cost reduction and launching new revenue producing services. While the fixed voice is mature and flat-to-declining in aggregate, there are pockets of new revenue opportunity and a broad opportunity to simplify operations and maximize margins for existing services. Your next-generation voice network belongs in the cloud.

Key Benefits

Reduce TCO by up to 50%

Rapidly deploy new hosted PBX and SIP trunking services

Streamline operations and automate key processes

Make your services sticky with VoWiFi and OTT voice


Voice Moves to the Cloud 

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Solution Brief

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Telco Transformation

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